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We will pay up to the maximum amount shown in the schedule of benefits, on your behalf, the cost for one (1) organized search and rescue if you should become lost, disoriented, or are reported missing while on your covered trip during a recreational activity that is commensurate with your abilities and expertise.

The maximum number of days for which we pay for search and rescue is three (3) days.

This coverage will be activated only when someone makes a formal report of your need for search and rescue to an agency or authority who can perform a search and rescue, and information is provided to the agency or authority with enough specific and credible details of how, when, and where you might be located so that an official and organized search and rescue can be activated.

Specific Waiver of Liability for Search and Rescue: Our obligation with respect to search and rescue coverage is limited to an obligation to pay, subject to the limitations outlined above. We neither assume nor accept any liability for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, however caused, related in any manner from intended or actual search and rescue activities. As a condition to us providing coverage for the cost of search and rescue activities, you, on behalf of your heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors, and permitted assigns, agree to forever waive any and all liability to us or any rescue team, company, entity, and/or volunteer, for all loss or damage including, without limitation, any injuries, stress, death, disablement, sickness, or any claims, reason, or cause whatsoever from any search and rescue used to attempt to reach you, assist you, or respond in any way to your search and rescue, regardless of whether the search and rescue was ever initiated, cancelled, delayed, misdirected, or unable to locate, rescue, or stabilize you. If any portion of this provision, including the extent of any waiver, is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the provision will remain in full force and effect.

Itemized receipts of services and costs from the authorities who seek payment must be provided.

For purposes of this coverage, the following definition is added:

Search and Rescue means the reasonable costs incurred for search and rescue activities within twenty five (25) miles of your last known location before the loss occurrence.

Activities include but are not limited to: fuel, operating costs, repair and rental of motor vehicles, aircraft or helicopters, hovercraft, snowmobiles, horses, dogs, generators, and any other equipment necessary or deemed appropriate for activities to find, recover, or rescue you and performed by individuals who have been appointed or requested by a governmental authority.