It Pays to Read

In an effort to highlight the importance of reading policy documents, we launched Pays to Read, a contest that rewards a $10,000 grand prize to the first individual to read their policy information from start to finish.

What We Did:

We secretly launched the Pays to Read contest to reward $10,000 to the first individual to read their policy from start to finish. We added text to Tin Leg’s policy documentation that offered a reward to anyone still reading.

Donelan Andrews, a teacher from Georgia, was the first customer to contact us, just 23 hours after the contest launched. As the Pays to Read winner, we rewarded Donelan with the $10,000 grand prize.

The purpose of Pays to Read is to emphasize the importance of reading policy documents, so Squaremouth has also donated $10,000 to Reading Is Fundamental, a children’s literacy charity based in Washington DC.

Donelan’s dedication to reading and teaching inspired us to make additional donations. We donated $5,000 to each of the schools Donelan teaches at, Upson-Lee High School and Lamar County High School. The money will be used to contribute to each of the school’s work-based learning programs and to buy new textbooks for each of the schools.

Why We Did It:

We understand most customers don’t actually read contracts or documentation when buying something, but we know the importance of doing so. We created the top-secret Pays to Read campaign in an effort to highlight the importance of reading policy documentation from start to finish.

Our number one goal as a company is saving our customers money. We never want a customer to spend more than they need to on a policy, or to pay for a policy if we know they’re concerned about something that can’t be covered.

Over the past 16 years, we’ve learned that many travelers buy travel insurance and just assume they’re covered if anything goes wrong, without actually reading the details of their policy. However, this often leads to claims for losses that are not covered. This lack of understanding is one of the biggest reasons travel insurance claims are denied.

“We want all of our customers to buy the cheapest product that provides the coverage they need without paying for extra benefits. Our customers can cancel and get a full refund should they find anything they don’t like in the policy.”

Chris Harvey
Squaremouth Co-Founder and Chairman

About the Winner

Donelan Andrews has a background in Consumer Economics, and has made a career teaching others what she’s learned. In her 25-year teaching career, Donelan has taught home economics and family consumer science.

Now, she’s a Work-based Learning Coordinator at Upson-Lee High School and Lamar County High School in Georgia, teaching seniors important life skills, such as work ethic, how to find jobs, and how to interview. One of the important skills Donelan emphasizes to all of her classes: the importance of reading a contract.

How She Won:

For the past 25 years, Donelan and 7 friends travel somewhere local as a group. This year, for the tradition’s “Silver Anniversary”, they planned an international trip instead – to London – so Donelan bought travel insurance. Like always, she read her full policy.

On the last page, she read the following sentence: “If you’ve read this far, then you are one of the very few Tin Leg customers to review all of their policy documentation.” It reminded her of a test question she used to ask her students.

“I used to put a question like that midway through an exam, saying ‘If you’re reading this, skip the next question.’ That caught my eye and intrigued me to keep reading.”

“This has always been close to my heart because of my background. I always read every contract I sign. It really paid off for me this time!”

Donelan Andrews

Going On A Special Trip

Donelan and her husband have been hoping to book a special vacation for this June: a trip to Scotland to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary and her upcoming retirement. After teaching for 25 years, Donelan applied for retirement a week before winning the Pays to Read contest.

After sitting on the waitlist for the trip, Donelan received a call in mid-February informing them that a spot on the trip had become available if they want it. Donelan says she will use her $10,000 prize to reserve their spot and pay for that trip.

"I’m going to turn right around after the girls trip and go back across the Atlantic for our wedding anniversary. That’s what we’ll spend it on!"

Donelan Andrews

About Reading is Fundamental

Reading Is Fundamental is committed to a literate America by inspiring a passion for reading among all children, providing quality content to create impact, and engaging communities in the solution to give every child the fundamentals for success. As the nation’s largest nonprofit organization for children’s literacy, RIF has provided more than 415 million books and literacy resources to 50 million kids in all 50 states, inspiring generations to read, learn and grow.

Why We Picked Them

The purpose of the Pays to Read campaign is to highlight the importance of reading policy documents. Because of that goal, in addition to the grand prize, Squaremouth wanted to donate $10,000 to a charity that emphasizes the importance of reading. The mission of Reading Is Fundamental – to create an impact and inspire a passion for reading – aligns with Squaremouth’s goals for Pays to Read, making them the perfect partner.


About The Schools

When we contacted Donelan to tell her she had won the contest, her dedication to helping her students stood out immediately, and inspired us to make additional donations. To honor her commitment to her schools, Squaremouth has donated $5,000 to each of the high schools she teaches at to contribute to their work-based learning programs and to buy new textbooks.

Donelan is a Work-Based Learning Coordinator for Upson-Lee High School in Thomaston, GA and Lamar County High School in Barnesville, GA. The work-based learning program is a co-curricular program within the Career and Technical Education departments at the schools, offering elective credits for students to use toward graduation. The primary goal of the program is helping students acquire important life skills through real-world experience that will help them when they begin their careers.

“We’re very grateful to be included in this campaign. We’re extremely committed to teaching our students the importance of reading. It’s great to see the enthusiasm Squaremouth’s contest has brought to the kids.”

Tracy Caldwell,

Principal of Upson-Lee High School

By the Numbers

Page number where the Pays to Read text was placed in the Tin Leg documentation
Hours that elapsed between the start of the sweepstakes and Donelan claiming her prize
Tin Leg policies that were sold and sent out with the contest information before Donelan’s purchase
Tin Leg policies that were sold and sent out with the contest information before Donelan contacted us
Total number of Tin Leg policies sold on Squaremouth’s website in 2018, an 18.2% increase since 2017
Total amount of money Squaremouth is gifting as part of the Pays to Read campaign