Squaremouth employees searched for 20 outstanding customer service providers in St. Petersburg, Florida. Each was surprised with $1,000 in cash, then one received an additional $10,000, as the overall winner.

What We Did

For two months, we searched for 20 individuals in St. Petersburg who went above and beyond for their customers. Those who exceeded our expectations received a plain black envelope containing $1,000 in cash… but it didn’t end there.

As part of their recognition, we shared their stories and invited the community to vote for their favorite recipient. Over 28,000 votes, coupled with our original customer service experience and secret subsequent visits helped us pick Melissa Wolf from 3 Daughters Brewing as our choice for the best customer service provider in St. Petersburg.

Mayor Rick Kriseman joined us to surprise Melissa with a jumbo-sized check for $10,000, as well as $1,000 for the staff of 3 Daughters Brewing to share.

Meet Melissa

Why We Did It

Squaremouth is a travel insurance company based in St. Petersburg, Florida. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to all of our customers.

In 2014, we received recognition as one of the nation’s best customer service teams by the American Business Awards. Now, we’re taking this opportunity to recognize others in our hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida who feel the same way about customer service as we do. Like us, these individuals work in the tourism industry, and have chosen to go above and beyond for their customers every day.

Squaremouth’s Thank You Campaign is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for a job well done.

Meet All The Recipients

All Recipients

We found 20 outstanding customer service providers in our hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, and rewarded them each with $1,000 in cash. Then, we selected one recipient, Melissa Wolf from 3 Daughters Brewing, as the best customer service provider in St. Petersburg, and surprised her with $10,000.

About the Winner

A week ago today, December 9th, I was working at one of my jobs, 3 Daughters Brewing, which is owned by one of the most amazing men in the world, Mike Harting, who makes it a true pleasure to be a part of his business. During my shift on this evening I had a few friends come up to see me along with my beautiful daughter, Willow.

A lovely girl walked up and sat next to one of my friends and introduced herself as Holly, I told her it was a pleasure to meet her and then asked what she would like to drink. Her reply was definitely not what I was expecting. Holly said, “Actually I came here because I work for a company named Squaremouth and we are doing a campaign to recognize incredible customer service in the hospitality business. Holly proceeds to hand me an envelope and says this is just something to show our appreciation to your excellent customer service.

I open the card and to my complete surprise there are ten $100 dollar bills inside! My daughter comes around the bar and hugs me, my friends along with the entire tasting room are applauding and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had. Such generosity and the act of incredible kindness from a complete stranger is such an amazing gift to receive.

“This act of kindness makes me want to pay it forward and hopefully I can one day give the love and an amazing gift to a stranger like Squaremouth has done for me. You have helped me have a better life and I am eternally grateful!”

Melissa Wolf

Melissa Winner
Melissa Winner with check
Melissa Winner