January 12, 2015 – $10,000 Customer Service Award Open for Community Vote

$10,000 Customer Service Award Open for Community Vote

ST. PETERSBURG, FL January 12, 2015 – Over the past month, twenty servers throughout St. Petersburg were surprised with $1,000 for their outstanding service. It came as part of the “Thank You Campaign” from local company, Squaremouth. Now, one of these recipients will receive an additional $10,000, and to choose the winner, Squaremouth is asking for help.
For the past three months, Squaremouth employees visited local restaurants throughout St. Petersburg secretly searching for outstanding customer service providers. Then, during the month of December, they returned to those who had done an outstanding job to give them $1,000 in cash as a “thank you”.
“Receiving recognition and $1,000 from Squaremouth was astonishing and brought me to tears because I know I am only one of many who perform this service with commitment and dedication to their job and their customers,” said Ashley Van Anne, who served a group of Squaremouth employees at The Birch & Vine on the day the campaign started.
Now, one of the original 20 recipients will receive an additional $10,000, as well as $1,000 for their employer. To make the final selection, Squaremouth is enlisting the help of locals.
The decision will be based off three factions: the original customer service experience, secret subsequent visits by Squaremouth staff and the community vote, which will comprise 20% of the overall score.
“One of the most rewarding aspects of this campaign, is hearing from locals who have experienced the service of these individuals,” adds Squaremouth Director of Marketing, Megan Singh. “Having the community validate our choices means we picked excellent people.”
Voting opens on Monday, January 12th at 8am and will remain open for two weeks. Individuals can vote for up to three of the recipients.
To vote for the $10,000 winner, please visit the Thank You Campaign voting page at www.squaremouth.com/thank-you-campaign/vote/.
By January 31st, Squaremouth will select the winner, but they won’t be revealed until the following month.
Among the original twenty recipients, is a restaurant manager, an oyster shucker, 5 bartenders, and 13 servers. Each individual was hand-picked by a Squaremouth employee who had personally experienced their service.
Squaremouth features all twenty recipients on the Thank You Campaign website, including a hand-written story from each: www.squaremouth.com/thank-you-campaign/thank-you-campaign/recipients/.
“These people have chosen to go above and beyond for their customers on a daily basis, and we wanted to reward them for that,” explained Squaremouth Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Harvey.
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Want to speak with us directly?

Please contact Squaremouth’s Thank You campaign team at 727-378-0938, we are available between 9AM and 5PM EST.
Alternatively, you can contact us at thankyoucampaign@squaremouth.com.