Couple’s First Time Buying Travel Insurance Pays Off, Covers $10,000 Cruise Cancellation Claim

For the past 20 years, Patricia and her husband, John, have been traveling the world. Although they’re experienced travelers, they didn’t have any experience with travel insurance, but now they say they’ll never travel without it.

What makes avid travelers who have never bought travel insurance suddenly go shopping for it? According to Patricia: intuition. She says they both had a gut feeling they needed to cover their Viking River Cruise to The Netherlands… just in case.

As they packed their bags in anticipation for the upcoming cruise, John suddenly started to feel sick.

Frustrated by the timing, he went to the doctor on the Monday before their cruise departure to make sure he was safe to travel. However, he quickly learned that he had a kidney stone and wouldn’t be able to go on the cruise. He was told he would need to have immediate surgery and a stent placed in order to resume normal activities.

The doctor firmly told them, “You cannot travel. You will be miserable and may have complications.” After receiving this news, Patricia immediately called Viking Cruises to cancel but it was too late to get a refund from the cruise line. She realized she needed to file a claim with her travel insurance provider, Tin Leg.

Patricia says she was surprised by how easy and pleasant the claims process was.

Talking to Tin Leg was like talking with a compassionate friend. Everyone I talked with was so incredibly helpful and extremely concerned about my husband’s health. I was sent all of the paperwork immediately.

Following their intuition to buy travel insurance paid off. Within two weeks of returning the paperwork they received a full refund.

“We are going to China this year and will definitely buy Tin Leg insurance again. We have been traveling for a long time and should have been buying travel insurance all along.”

Patricia and John were reimbursed their full trip costs. They received the check for $10,000 within two weeks of providing Tin Leg all of their documents.