Kidney Infection and Dangerous Typhoon: Travel Insurance Covers Couple’s Double Claims

Eleanor and her husband, Phil, take at least two international trips each year. For their most recent trip to Japan, they purchased a travel insurance policy from ‘Tin Leg’. Eleanor says this trip was all about her husband, a self-proclaimed sushi fanatic. The month long cruise would take them throughout the country, sampling some of the best sushi in the world. But the focus quickly shifted to Eleanor’s health.

Feeling ill, she went to the on-board doctor and learned she had a kidney infection. She was prescribed antibiotics but the infection worsened. She would soon need IV treatment, a costly remedy on a cruise ship. After a few days, the treatment worked and Eleanor and Phil were able to resume their tour.

But their complications didn’t stop there.

Later in the trip, they were on a train when they saw a marquee scroll with a warning in English: “A strong typhoon is approaching Japan’s main island. Please be cautious of the weather forecast.”

“Who would have ever thought. We live in Florida so we’re familiar with hurricanes. We were told that Typhoon Lam was a super typhoon and they were saying that it would be as bad as a category 5 hurricane.”

They had to rearrange the trip, canceling their stays in evacuated cities.

To expedite the claims process, Eleanor called the Tin Leg Claims Department as the events were unfolding. When she returned home she submitted all of the documents to backup both of her claims.

“Frankly, I was concerned how the company would handle two claims in one trip. You do worry that you won’t be believed. I didn’t know if they would cover the whole thing. You never know. But there were no issues at all,” said Eleanor.

Eleanor and Phil’s Medical and Trip Interruption claims were approved, reimbursing them nearly $2,500.