Travelers’ Medical and Trip Costs Covered After Dangerous Accident in India

Husband and wife, Mark and Susie, were traveling in India with another couple. They were looking for an adventure but their once-in-a-lifetime trip took a dangerous turn when an accident on the chaotic streets of Mumbai landed Susie in the hospital.

As frequent travelers, both couples had purchased travel insurance. For this trip they chose policies from ‘Tin Leg’.

Two weeks into the three week trip, they were standing on a busy street median when suddenly a bus struck Susie.

“My first view is of her bouncing off the side of this bus. The fact that she was laying partially in the street and in the oncoming traffic was terrifying. She was bleeding from the head so that was very concerning,” he said.

Mark and the friends they were traveling with ran to Susie’s side. They stopped oncoming traffic, flagged down a local taxi and carefully lifted Susie into the cab. Uncertain which hospital to go to and not knowing the Hindi language, they decided to go to the hotel’s doctor first and were later taken by ambulance from the hotel to the hospital.

The doctors found Susie had a broken clavicle, hematomas on her head and was suffering from vertigo from the fall. She would not be cleared to travel home for three more days.

“As good as the doctors were, the comforts of the hospital weren’t there. They didn’t have a pillow. They didn’t have a blanket to give you. It wasn’t air conditioned,” said Susie.

Mark says once they were able to get Susie out of the hospital and comfortable back at the hotel, he started to think about the increasing costs.

“I called Tin Leg and spoke to the claims department. Everyone was sympathetic and kind and very helpful, letting us know what we needed to submit the claim.”

Mark and Susie encouraged their friends to continue on without them, but concerned for their friend, they also cancelled.

“We were going to have to pay for the flight home and lose thousands we had invested in the remainder of the trip… but everything was approved that we submitted bills for. It was quick. The service was excellent” said Mark.

Mark and Susie were reimbursed more than $13,000 for the medical treatment and cancellation costs. Their friends were also reimbursed for their cancellation.