Travel Insurance Covers Medical Bill, Helps Mom Get to Daughter’s Wedding

In the summer of 2016, Jean left Canada for a three-month trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland for her daughter’s wedding.

One month into the trip, and just a few weeks before the wedding, Jean was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection. The illness required hospitalization and a series of antibiotics.

A frequent traveler, Jean never leaves without travel insurance. For this trip, she was insured with Trawick International.

“When I got to the hospital, we called Trawick and asked ‘what do we do now?’” Jean said. She had already read the details of her medical coverage and knew to keep her receipts. She expected to be reimbursed without any issues.

But there was a problem with her policy.

“They told me I was insured to be in the United States, not the United Kingdom,” Jean said. “I realized I must have somehow selected the wrong destination when I bought my policy.”

Regardless of her coverage, Jean needed the treatment in order to stay for her daughter’s wedding. She was prescribed a four-day medication and was instructed to return for outpatient treatment.

“Shortly after I got out of the hospital, Jane from Trawick contacted me with an update about my policy. She told me she corrected my destination, so my policy would cover me in the U.K. From that point on, she looked after everything for me. She was wonderful.”

Overall, the cost of Jean’s treatment and hospitalization totaled $3,000. She filed a claim, and Trawick covered all of her medical expenses.