Travel Insurance Covers Trip Interruption, Saves Couple Over $19,000

Richard and Madeline are frequent travelers, taking at least two international trips per year. When the tradition began, travel insurance wasn’t part of their routine. That changed during a trip to Uzbekistan.

“We took a trip from Beijing to Uzbekistan, and a person in our group came down with appendicitis. She had to be flown out to Finland, and I thought ‘Wow, that must be a lot of money.’”

At that point, Richard and Madeline started buying travel insurance – first for Medical Evacuation, and later to include coverage for their trip costs and medical expenses. They always use Tin Leg travel insurance.

The decision saved them nearly $20,000 during a trip to Malaysia.

Just before the second leg of their trip – a tour through Myanmar – Richard started feeling sick, and Madeline was beginning to show similar symptoms. After seeing a doctor and being diagnosed with pneumonia, Richard was advised of two options: stay and receive medical treatment, or stop traveling altogether.

Rather than risking treatment in a foreign country, they decided to cut their trip short and book new flights home. They planned to file a claim for his medical visit and for Trip Interruption to cover the missed portion of their trip.

“My goal was to come back so I wouldn’t be sick overseas,” Richard says. “At first, I actually dreaded making a claim because I was worried about the situation dragging on. That wasn’t an issue with Tin Leg, and that’s what was so pleasant about it.”

Richard provided the receipts from his doctor’s visit, as well as their updated trip itinerary to prove their trip was interrupted. Their full claim for more than $19,000 was approved in 11 days.