Save Time and Money

Annual policies are a cost-effective way to get most travel insurance benefits on one policy for several trips.

Ideal for Frequent Travelers

Annual policies are well-suited for frequent business or leisure travelers taking multiple short trips.

International Medical Coverage

Annual policies include one year of medical coverage. Most policies don’t include Trip Cancellation.

Search for Annual Travel Insurance

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One Policy for One Year of Coverage
Annual travel insurance policies are ideal for travelers who are planning to take multiple trips throughout a 12-month period, and need basic travel insurance benefits. Most commonly, these policies include Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation benefits. Annual policies are not intended to provide coverage for a year-long trip.
Cost-Effective Coverage
Annual policies can be less expensive than purchasing several single trip policies, especially for travelers who don’t need Trip Cancellation coverage. In addition to being less expensive, purchasing one annual policy can be more convenient and efficient than purchasing several single trip policies throughout the year.
Includes Most Benefits
Annual policies include Emergency Medical, Medical Evacuation and Travel Delay benefits. Some policies even include Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage, however this is not the norm. Travelers who want to insure a high trip cost, or who want high medical coverage per trip, should consider single trip policies.
Why Should I Buy an Annual Travel Insurance Policy?

Is an Annual Travel Insurance Policy Right for Me?

An annual policy is recommended for:

  • Business or leisure travelers taking multiple short trips over the course of one year

  • Frequent international travelers who need medical coverage while overseas

  • Travelers who don’t need high Trip Cancellation coverage

An annual policy is not recommended for:

  • Travelers who will only be traveling once or twice over the course of a year

  • Travelers taking extended trips, lasting longer than 90 days

  • Travelers who have specific Trip Cancellation concerns or want to insure a high trip cost

Annual policies are designed for travelers taking two or more trips throughout a 12-month time period. Most annual policies cover trips up to 30 days, while some more lenient policies will allow up to a 90-day trip length.

Annual travel insurance policies are ideal for travelers looking for Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation coverage. While you can include Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage on an annual policy, this is not the norm, and it is typically a limited, predetermined amount.

Travelers who need to insure a high trip cost or have specific cancellation needs should not purchase an annual travel insurance policy. Likewise, annual policies are not recommended for travelers who need medical benefits for an extended trip, ranging from 90 days to one year.

Travelers who do not meet the recommendations for an annual policy should consider a single trip policy. Single trip travel insurance policies can cover longer trips, with some international medical policies extending well beyond 90 days. Trip Cancellation-style policies allow travelers to insure 100% of their prepaid and non-refundable trip costs, and can include more comprehensive benefits.

What is the Difference Between Annual and Single Trip Travel Insurance?

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