Our Travel Insurance Advice

When planning their trips, many travelers ask themselves, “Should I buy travel insurance?”, but often don’t know where to start or what coverage to look for.

Travel insurance provides financial protection for unexpected events that affect a traveler’s trip, such as a cancellation caused by an illness, or an injury that occurs during the trip. Most travel insurance policies were built to be comprehensive, with traveler’s main concerns at the top mind. Popular benefits on a policy include coverage for trip expenses, medical emergencies, travel delays, and luggage.

Squaremouth’s Travel Insurance Advice blog answers questions about travel insurance, including general information about how it works and what it covers, answers to travel insurance-related FAQs, and coverage information for the most popular destinations and countries that require travel insurance.

Why Trust Squaremouth’s Advice?

Squaremouth has been helping travelers find the best travel insurance for their trips since 2003. We have been nationally and internationally recognized for our multi-award-winning customer service department.

Customer service is our number one priority as a company, and we never want our customers to pay more than they need to for a policy, or to buy a policy that doesn’t have the coverage they need. We always follow our core value to “downsell”, providing an unbiased recommendation to help each traveler find the least expensive travel insurance policy that matches their coverage needs for the lowest possible price. If we know a traveler’s main concerns can’t be covered, we will advise they don’t buy a policy at all.

Squaremouth’s team analyzes thousands of travel insurance policies to identify real-time changes and trends in the travel insurance industry. We dissect these to provide the most up-to-date information and advice for travelers.

About Squaremouth

Squaremouth compares travel insurance policies from every major provider in the United States. Using our comparison engine and thousands of customer reviews, travelers can search, compare, and buy travel insurance online.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Squaremouth has insured more than 1 million travelers worldwide. Our staff are regularly featured as travel insurance experts in national publications, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today.