What is a review?

A Squaremouth customer review provides a rating of the insurance provider’s performance before, during and after the claims process. It can also include specific comments from the customer and the insurance provider.

We combine this information with Squaremouth sales data to provide an overall snapshot of every travel insurance provider on squaremouth.com.

Reviews of Squaremouth

We request the customer to post their experience at a third party site - resellerratings.com.

When we ask customers to evaluate their insurance provider, we also ask how we did. Was the Squaremouth website easy to use? Was our customer service helpful?

Original and Unedited

We publish all negative and positive reviews for every provider, creating an unbiased platform. Reviews are monitored for profanity and obscenity.

The Process

We ask for permission to request a review at the time of placing an order. If this is granted we email our customers once only to allow them to submit a statement on the following:

Before the trip

Provides an overview of the insurance provider's performance before the trip.

Did the traveler have questions for customer service, make changes to their policy or question how the documentation was presented?

What was the quality of service they received before they traveled?

During the trip

Rates the insurance provider's performance during a trip. Whether the traveler needed help with lost luggage, itinerary change, medical emergency or any other event.


How did the provider handle the claim? We ask the customer to consider how easy it was to file the claim, if it was completed in a timely manner and whether they were satisfied with the outcome?