Are you a Squaremouth Candidate?

Ideal candidates will have an intrinsic desire for personal growth and professional success. They will be sociable, passionate about their work, laid-back and fun. They must be able to work with a lively group of overachievers. They will teach themselves, learn from others, and take ownership of their successes and challenges.

The organizational structure of Squaremouth is flat, so candidates must be able to multi-task and work autonomously in a constantly changing environment. Because there is no traditional hierarchy, everyone works as part of a team. There is no “typical day” in this office, so it is best-suited to those who thrive in the absence of structure and routine.

Squaremouth is a fast-paced and exciting company which strongly encourages employee input and ideas

Most of what we do is a group effort, including interviews and pay raises. At any time, employees can request pay raises, which are determined by a majority vote from their co-workers.

With this uniqueness comes the dedication to the Squaremouth Way, best described as the constant pursuit of perfection, unfettered attention to detail, incredible customer service and a burning desire to do things better tomorrow.

A vital part of our commitment to incredible customer service depends upon every Squaremouth employee, including the CEO, spending time each day working directly with customers.

Why Work at Squaremouth?

Unlimited Paid Vacation


Employees have at least 10 paid days off, with no limit on vacation or sick time.

401(k) Match


Squaremouth matches up to 4% of employee salary contributions.

Quarterly Bonus


Squaremouth employees receive a share of quarterly profits.

Medical Benefits


Squaremouth offers medical, dental, vision, life insurance and flexible spending accounts.

Rapid Promotion


Fast-paced environment with opportunity for quick growth and promotion.

Birthday Beer Bonus


Enjoy a mandatory birthday off with a $200 bonus to be spent on beer.

Annual CPI Increase


Every employee receives an annual salary increase respective to the current CPI.

Unexpected Surprises


Some perks aren’t planned! Past surprises include a new iPad and Apple Watch for every employee.

“We are a highly customer-focused company, and we’ve always believed that in order for us to provide the best customer service, we have to provide the best work environment.”

– Squaremouth Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Harvey

Squaremouth Culture in the News

Squaremouth Named No. 2 Workplace for Women in the Nation


Fortune Magazine and Great Place to Work named Squaremouth No. 2 on the 2015 list of 100 Best Workplaces for Women. Squaremouth and the other top companies were selected for promoting equal and inclusive environments for both genders.

“Fairness is inherent to our operations. Our culture is nontraditional in that we are extremely transparent and collaborative, which naturally promotes equality,” says CEO Chris Harvey. “There are no secrets, and decision-making is a group effort.”

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Squaremouth’s unique, award-winning offices and culture are regularly featured in the news

  • 2015 Best Small Workplaces by Fortune

    Squaremouth Lands on National List of Best Small Workplaces

    Squaremouth has been named No. 20 on the 2015 list of Best Small Workplaces by Fortune and Great Place to Work. While Squaremouth's offbeat workplace and unique perks make it appealing, it is the strong camaraderie among colleagues that most staff cite as the best part of working at the company.
    October 21, 2015

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  • inc5000_color_stacked

    One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies

    Squaremouth has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation by Inc. Magazine for the past three years. The Tampa Bay Business Journal has named Squaremouth one of the 50 fastest growing companies for four years running.
    “At our core, we are a software company, so we constantly look for new ways to improve all aspects of our business, from our website to our customer service,” says CEO Chris Harvey. “We also believe that to be an innovative company, you also have to be an innovative employer.”
    August 12, 2015

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  • awards-florida_trend

    Squaremouth Named in Top 20 Places to Work in Florida

    “At online company Squaremouth in St. Petersburg, autonomy for employees is a core value. Prospective employees learn about the company ethos at Squaremouth within seconds of walking in the door. Job interviews are sometimes conducted by having everyone in the company sit down in a circle and ask questions of the candidate.”
    July 17, 2015

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  • tampa_bay_times-apple_watches

    Downtown St. Petersburg employer uses Apple, not carrot and stick

    In 2015, Squaremouth surprised all of its employees with Apple Watches to thank them for their hard work.
    "We are a highly customer-focused company, and we've always believed that in order for us to provide the best customer service, we have to provide the best work environment,” says CEO Chris Harvey. “This is the third time Squaremouth has done something like this, and every time it's been a lot of fun.”
    May 4, 2015

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  • TBBJ-logo-1

    One of Tampa Bay’s Coolest Office Spaces

    The Tampa Bay Business Journal named Squaremouth one of the coolest offices in the region for its sweeping views, cool culture, and unique amenities, including mobile workstations, a hangover couch, and a Snooker table.
    “There are no offices separating levels of management, but rather an open space that represents Squaremouth’s even employee structure. Glass walls symbolize the company’s transparency. From employee raises to what type of beer to fill the keg, every decision is a group effort. Everyone knows how much everyone makes, and everyone has access to the company’s financials.”
    May 30, 2014

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  • 2013_best_places_to_work_logo

    Squaremouth Wins 2013 Best Place to Work

    The Tampa Bay Business Journal named Squaremouth the overall best place to work in Tampa Bay for 2013. “CEO Chris Harvey attributes the success to a culture of flexibility where employees vote on new hires and pay raises, receive birthday bonuses and have the opportunity to build their own position.”
    March 5, 2013

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