Travel Insurance Providers: Squaremouth is an online company that compares travel insurance policies from every major provider in the United States.

Squaremouth allows quality policies to shine

The unique selection tools available at allow our visitors to quickly locate insurance policies that provide the cover they need. Our visitors can easily highlight your policies’ strengths by using our unique tools. We also provide the ability for visitors to email a fully detailed single policy quote to themselves and other members of their traveling party.

Much more than just a list offers our visitors much more than a simple list of policies and prices. We attract the traveler with a desire to find out more about the policies they purchase. Visitors can sort the results by quality of benefit as well as provider and price.

Squaremouth only works with quality insurers

We have a strict “zero complaint” policy that allows our customers the peace of mind in knowing that we will only deal with reputable insurance providers. If any one of our clients has a complaint against a travel insurance provider that cannot be fairly resolved to our satisfaction, we will remove the carrier from our site and no longer sell its policies.

Less than 10% of our sales are for the cheapest policy

We find most buyers choose the 3rd, 4th or 5th cheapest policy. We believe this is due to the fact that buyers see the benefits for all policies right next to the price. This allows them to make more informed decisions without wading through pages of information. This type of informed customer is more likely to purchase based on value for money rather than purely on price.

Interested in featuring your policies on

If you are interested in featuring your policies on we would be delighted to speak with you. Please contact our policy team at