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Travel Insurance Requirements and Recommendations by Country

Squaremouth provides a country-by-country breakdown explaining what travel insurance benefits are required or recommended for travelers visiting a specific destination. Squaremouth outlines which countries require travel insurance and what standards must be met to gain entry, as well as how much coverage we recommend if a country doesnโ€™t provide specific requirements.

Squaremouthโ€™s team researches country requirements on a regular basis, and we update our site as new information becomes available. At any point, this may not be a comprehensive list of all countries that require travel insurance. We recommend travelers check with their destination to confirm if there are any specific requirements.

Squaremouthโ€™s destination information is free and available for use within your reporting. Please credit for any information used.

Countries That Require Travel Insurance for Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic completely changed the travel industry from top to bottom. Due to the pandemic, some countries have made it a requirement for travelers to buy travel insurance with coverage for the duration of their stay. Most of these countries require medical coverage in the event of an emergency, however some have additional requirements, such as coverage for lodging expenses if a quarantine is required.

The following countries require travel insurance for Covid-19:

Countries That Require Travel Insurance (Non-Covid Related)

Even before the pandemic, it had been a growing trend for countries worldwide to require foreign travelers to have medical insurance to gain entry into the country. This was due to a high volume of unsettled medical bills from tourists.

The following countries require some form of travel insurance for entry:

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