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Squaremouth.com, and our multi-award winning customer service team, has helped over 3.6 million travelers save time and money to find the best travel insurance policy for their trip.

Leveraging decades of expertise, and industry-leading technology, Squaremouth.com hosts the most intuitive travel insurance quoting and comparison engine on the market today.

Coupled with verified customer reviews and the largest portfolio of products, Squaremouth allows travelers to instantly purchase a travel insurance policy from every major provider in the US.

Squaremouth is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, with offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our staff are featured as topic experts in national publications, including The New York Times, CNN and USA Today.

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Award-Winning Customer Service

Customer service is our number one priority as a company. Everything we do is in pursuit of providing the best possible experience for our customers, every time.

A Dedication to Incredible Customer Service

Our No. 1 priority is providing exceptional service to every customer, every step of the way. All of our employees, regardless of their position, make up our multi-award-winning customer service team, giving each member of our team an intrinsic understanding of our customer base.

The goal of our customer service department is to “downsell”, recommending the least expensive policy that matches the coverage our customer is looking for. With no commission on the line, there is no motivation to push a more expensive policy. We always provide an unbiased recommendation tailored to each customer's specific needs.

Our Customer Service Approach

A Guarantee Extended to All of Our Customers

Squaremouth established our unique Zero Complaint Guarantee to give our customers confidence that every provider on our website will handle their claim fairly and honestly.

We promise that every policy we sell is from a reputable provider.

If a customer is unhappy with how their claim is handled, our team of licensed claims adjusters will investigate their case and mediate with the insurance provider on their behalf. If the complaint is not resolved to our satisfaction, we will remove that provider from our website.

Our Zero Complaint Guarantee

Our Company Culture

Squaremouth knows providing a great workplace leads to better customer service. Our culture was built to motivate staff and promote a work-life balance.

Fulfilled Employees Lead to Satisfied Customers

In order to be the best place to buy travel insurance, Squaremouth realized it must first become the best place to work for employees. Squaremouth's company culture is built around trust and was carefully crafted to maintain motivated employees, with benefits that promote work-life balance.

To date, Squaremouth has received numerous awards and national recognition for its commitment to employee happiness. Even as our company has gone fully remote, we have remained a tight-knit team and continue to make sure all employees are included, engaged, and involved in the company.

Get to Know More About the Squaremouth Team

Squaremouth was founded on the principles of fairness, transparency and collaboration, which remain the cornerstones of our business over 20 years down the road. Here, work isn't confined to a cubicle, and our employees are empowered to work in the best environment for their productivity.

While we continue to receive accolades for our company culture, we’re most proud of the fact that our team enjoys coming to work each day to bring innovation and excitement to the travel insurance world.

Highlighting Our Values of Service and Savings

Squaremouth's customer-centric foundation is rooted in providing travelers with exceptional service and savings. We've given away over $70,000 to highlight these values.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our business was dire. On April 12, 2020, we experienced our lowest sales day ever. Two years later, our business has recovered, so we thanked those 12 customers with $1,200 each.

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We understand most travelers don’t read their policy documentation. In an effort to highlight the importance of reading a policy from start to finish, we hosted a top-secret national contest that ended in a $30,000 payout.

See What Happened

Squaremouth employees selected 20 outstanding customer service providers who have treated them well, and surprised each with $1,000 cash. Then, one winner received an additional $10,000 as the grand prize.

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Squaremouth Featured In

Squaremouth's travel insurance experts are regularly quoted in national publications, offering real-time trends and exclusive insight on the travel insurance industry.

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Squaremouth Articles

October 12, 2022 — St. Petersburg-based travel insurtech company, Squaremouth.com, recently received recognition by Florida Trend and the International Best In Biz Awards, for their culture and post-pandemic resiliency. The awards come two years after the company’s business declined by over 90% as a result of Covid-19. Despite the downturn, Squaremouth pledged...

May 17, 2021 — Squaremouth has been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in America by Inc. Magazine for the fifth consecutive year. The company – a travel insurance comparison site – rooted itself in two core goals when the company was founded in 2003: to be the best place to...

February 04, 2021 — One year since the Covid-19 outbreak halted the travel industry, travel insurance aggregator, Squaremouth, has earned its third international award for their customer service response to the pandemic. Who is Squaremouth? Squaremouth is the insurance software company behind travel insurance aggregator site, squaremouth.com. Squaremouth.com is one of the...