Squaremouth Earns Gold Award for Pandemic Response


Customer service is our number one priority at Squaremouth. Everything we do works toward the goal of providing our customers with an exceptional experience – before, during, and after their trip.

This customer-centric approach to our business has earned Squaremouth 14 national and international customer service awards in six years.

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Thorough and Professional
Our agent from SquareMouth walked me through the whole process. She stayed on until I completed the form and she highlighted important points in the policy. Thank you.
Mary from MO 11/23/2020

Great Site for Comparisons

“The Squaremouth site is easy to use and navigating is quite intuitive. After researching a policy, I still had one question. I called Squaremouth, they answered on the third ring, and immediately answered my question. Also, very friendly!”

Larry from KS

Very helpful representative

“I called to speak with a representative twice. Both were very polite, friendly, and knew their stuff! The user interface allowed the reps to pull up my search and they could then walk me through finding the information I was seeking. well done!”

Jeremy from MA

Customer Support is amazing

“I purchased insurance through Squaremouth and my policy was not approved by the government I was traveling to. Customer support refunded my policy and signed me up for an approved policy. The agent was amazing and so helpful!”

Lisa from CO


Squaremouth has been recognized nationally and internationally for our unconventional approach to customer service.

Stevie Award Logo
6 Stevies Awards

Customer Service Department of the Year

2014 – 2020
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5 CSS World Awards

Customer Service Department & Outstanding Performance of the Year

2016 – 2020
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Best in Biz Award

International Gold Customer Service Award for Pandemic Response

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Travel Weekly Award

Best Travel Agent Organization Travel Insurance

2018 – 2019


Every member of Squaremouth’s customer service team comes from a different background. In fact, we prefer candidates who do not have traditional sales or insurance backgrounds.

Squaremouth has been nationally recognized for our customer service, as well as our unique company culture and employee perks. We believe being a great place for our employees to work is the key to providing great customer service.

We place a high level of trust in our customer service agents having the ability to work autonomously. As a result, every member of our customer service team works from home. In addition to being an entirely remote position, we have created a package of other benefits that are designed to reward hard work and promote a work-life balance. This includes medical benefits, generous paid time off, a birthday beer bonus, and 4-day work weeks to allow for longer weekends.

Providing Excellent Service

“The most surprising thing about Squaremouth is that all employees, regardless of department or title, take part in customer service duties. This shows how important the customers are and how we want to ensure that everyone is providing excellent service across the board.”

-LaKisha Manning

Award-Winning Company Culture