Customer service is our number one priority at Squaremouth. Everything we do works toward the goal of providing our customers with an exceptional experience – before, during, and after their trip.

This customer-centric approach to our business has earned Squaremouth 13 national and international customer service awards in five years.

We Downsell to Help Every Customer Save Money

We never want a customer to pay more than they need to for a travel insurance policy.

As experts in travel insurance, we have an in-depth understanding of every policy on our website. We use this expertise to help our customers compare each policy and find the best coverage for their trip at the best price. As an industry leader for almost two decades, we have learned that many travelers share the misconception that a more expensive insurance policy provides better coverage. We make it our job to educate our customers that a higher price tag doesn’t equate to a higher quality policy.

Every Squaremouth employee is trained from day one to always recommend the least expensive policy that fits the traveler’s needs. With no commission on the line, there is never pressure to push a sale. If we know a customer’s concern can’t be covered, we will recommend they don’t buy a policy at all. This practice of “downselling” is one of our company’s core values.

We Stand Behind Every Policy We Sell

We understand that for many of our customers, a provider’s reputation handling claims is equally important, or more important, than the price of a policy or the coverage amounts included. We promise to only offer policies that are backed by financially stable, A.M. Best companies, with a “Good” rating or higher.

Every policy sold on our website comes with our unique Zero Complaint Guarantee. This is our promise to stand behind our customers, specifically during the claims process. If a customer is unhappy with how their claim is being handled, we will mediate with the provider on their behalf. If the provider doesn’t fairly resolve a customer’s complaint to our satisfaction, we will remove them from our website and will no longer sell their policies.

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Great Customer Service!
Squaremouth was very helpful in helping us determine the best plan for our needs. Answered all questions thoroughly. Great booking experience!”
Michael from IA 9/17/2019

Good Comparison Feature

“I liked the comparison feature and the explanation of what everything meant. I had a question and called in to the 800 number and was pleased with that experience. Would definitely recommend Squaremouth.”

Catherine from MS

Quick and easy!

“Super easy to search for what I specifically needed. Simple, easy to understand language and comparison features. And great customer service for any of my questions. Will definitely use again. Didn’t know insurance could be so simple.”

Megan from FL

Excellent Customer Service!

“Called their 1-800 number for help understanding the different policies. The service rep was very helpful and walked me through the details of the different policies. Love purchasing my insurance through Squaremouth.”

Cheryl from CA


Squaremouth has been recognized nationally and internationally for our unconventional approach to customer service.

5 Stevies Awards

Customer Service Department of the Year

2014 – 2019
4 CSS World Awards

Customer Service Department & Outstanding Performance of the Year

2016 – 2019
2 Best in Biz Awards

Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year

2018 – 2019
Travel Weekly Award

Best Travel Agent Organization Travel Insurance

2018 – 2019


Every member of Squaremouth’s customer service team comes from a different background. In fact, we prefer candidates who do not have traditional sales or insurance backgrounds.

Squaremouth has been nationally recognized for our customer service, as well as our unique company culture and employee perks. We believe being a great place for our employees to work is the key to providing great customer service.

We place a high level of trust in our customer service agents having the ability to work autonomously. As a result, every member of our customer service team works from home. In addition to being an entirely remote position, we have created a package of other benefits that are designed to reward hard work and promote a work-life balance. This includes medical benefits, generous paid time off, a birthday beer bonus, and 4-day work weeks to allow for longer weekends.

Providing Excellent Service

“The most surprising thing about Squaremouth is that all employees, regardless of department or title, take part in customer service duties. This shows how important the customers are and how we want to ensure that everyone is providing excellent service across the board.”

-LaKisha Manning

Award-Winning Company Culture