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Misconceptions About Trip Cancellation

Published by July 30, 2009

The iTravelInsured July newsletter discussed trip cancellation coverage.  To assist you in providing accurate information to your clients, here are some of the most common misconceptions travelers have regarding travel insurance: Trip Cancellation – coverage is not available through credit card companies or any other insurance – it is only available through a travel insurance ...

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Where Will I Get Treatment with Travel Insurance

Published by July 29, 2009

Most travel insurance policies offer emergency medical & dental coverage.  This will provide the traveler with relief when there is a situation that requires medical attention.  The medical evacuation and repatriation benefit can cover the cost of medical transportation, such as an ambulance ride or medical airlift, normally to the nearest adequate medical facility.  There ...

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Departure and Return Dates

Published by July 28, 2009

When getting a travel insurance quote, departure date and return date must be entered.  These dates don’t always refer to the cruise departure and return, or the dates of a flight specifically.  Travel insurance is designed to cover the traveler from when they leave their home, continue through the trip, and will end once the ...

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Good Faith Deposit and Travel Insurance

Published by July 27, 2009

When obtaining a travel insurance quote, the deposit date of the trip is a question that is asked.  This normally means the date that the first aspect of the trip was booked.  If airfare was purchased before a cruise, then the date that the airfare was booked is the deposit date. However, a good faith deposit ...

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I Don’t Need Medical, But the Rest of My Party Does

Published by Aidan Harvey July 24, 2009

Travel Insurance plans are designed with the benefits of coverage as a total package.  In many cases, there can be selectable upgrades, however, travel insurance is not meant to be a-la-carte selections of coverage.  This question is most common among groups of travelers where the individuals are of different age groups, different families, some without ...

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Airports Aren’t for Sleeping

Published by July 23, 2009

A recent article on, identified the best and worst airports to sleep in. On a shoe-string, stuck or just need some shut-eye? Avoid Paris’ Charles de Gaulle at all costs, but embrace Singapore’s Changi, according to a survey that rated the world’s 10 worst, and best, airports to sleep in. Dirty floors, filthy, overcrowded bathrooms, ...

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Does the State of Residence Matter with Travel Insurance?

Published by July 17, 2009

The answer is yes.  All insurance is regulated at the state level, and travel insurance is no exception.  Thus, there are some coverage benefits of travel insurance that are not available to residents of every state.  This can include rental car damage, identity theft, cancel for work reasons and cancel for any reason.  When obtaining ...

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7 Strategies for Avoiding Checked Baggage Fees

Published by July 16, 2009

Christopher Elliott contributed this article to MSNBC about checked baggage tips for travelers: 1. Bring Less:  Obviously, the best way to avoid paying for a checked bag is not to bring one in the first place.  “Keep your bags as light as possible,” advises Barbara DesChamps, author of :It’s In The Bag:  The Complete Guide ...

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Do Travelers Have to be Related to Share Travel Insurance?

Published by July 15, 2009

Travel insurance plans allow for people sharing the same travel itenerary to be on the same policy.  The travelers do not have to be related, or even from the same state.  Some travel insurance coverage is not available in every state, so make sure to review the plan carefully.  Such benefits can include rental car ...

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Tips on Last Minute Cruises

Published by July 14, 2009

According to an article in the Washington Post, “Booking within a narrow window presents its own challenges,” said Karyn Todd of “You’re always going to be in immediate penalty if you book within 60 days” of your cruise, for one, which means that you could lose all or part of your money should you ...

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