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Can Frequent Flyer Miles Be Insured?

Published by December 29, 2009

Travel insurance plans protect the traveler’s pre-paid and non-refundable trip costs in the event of trip cancellation or trip interruption. However, frequent flyer miles and reward points are somewhat different. Normally, airlines and reward programs charge a fee to re-deposit the miles or change the dates of travel. Therefore, when calculating the trip cost, do […]

Travelex Travel Supplier Restrictions as of December 28 2009

Published by December 28, 2009

Travel insurance companies can choose to exclude travel suppliers and destinations from coverage. Please refer to this page for information about suppliers for which Travelex Insurance Services has restricted or eliminated coverage on the following protection plans: Travel Plus, TraveLite, Annual Multi-Trip, Flight Plus, and group programs underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company. Suppliers Not […]

Do I Have to Pay All of the Premium at One Time?

Published by December 22, 2009

When getting a travel insurance quote, the number of travelers must be entered.  The price that is shown on the quote results page is the total premium cost to cover everyone on that quote.  In order to obtain the policy, the total premium must be paid at that time.  Some international medical insurance plans are […]

Are Family Members covered?

Published by December 21, 2009

Many travel insurance plans have benefits of coverage that include family members and traveling companions.  Most notably are trip cancellation and trip interruption.  This benefit provides coverage for a sickness, injury or death of the traveler, a traveling companion or a family member.  Each plan defines family member specifically, but most are very generous in […]

Do I Have to Cancel or Can I Delay the Departure?

Published by December 18, 2009

Most travel insurance plans provide trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage.  These benefits can reimburse a traveler their forfeited trip cost if, covered reason, they have to cancel before the trip or interrupt once the trip has started.  In some situations, like a last minute sickness or death in the family, the traveler can have […]

Can a Hunting Trip Be Insured?

Published by December 17, 2009

Travel insurance can cover different types of vacations and trips.  Cruising, tours, flights, but also hunting trips.  The insured trip cost can include lodging, equipment rental and service as long as they are pre-paid and non-refundable expenses of the trip.  There are plans designed for sports travel, with additional coverage, but it is not required.  […]

Can One Travel Insurance Plan Cover Multiple Trips?

Published by December 16, 2009

Most travel insurance plans are designed to cover a single trip.  For travelers that take multiple trips throughout the year and do not want to ship for a policy each time, they can get an annual travel insurance plan.  These plans provide emergency medical & dental as well as medical evacuation & repatriation coverage, however […]

Different Travel Insurance Quotes for Different Vacations

Published by December 15, 2009

Some travelers prefer to get the same travel insurance plan every time they travel.  However, not every plan is available for every trip.  Many travel insurance plans have limitations on the maximum trip cost, trip length or ages of the travelers.  Planning a more expensive trip or a more extended trip than the year before […]

Help! The Trip Was Extended but the Insurance Can’t

Published by December 14, 2009

Travel insurance plans cover the traveler from their home, through the trip and back to their home with a set departure and return date.  Once the trip has begun, most plans will not allow the dates of travel to be changed on the policy.  If the traveler extends their trip, but the travel insurance is […]

Can I Extend My Travel Insurance?

Published by December 11, 2009

Travel insurance plans are designed to cover the traveler from the time they leave their home, through the covered trip and back to their home.  Most plans do not allow for any changes to be made to the policy once the trip has begun.  Similarly, there are few plans that allow the traveler to purchase […]