Why provide travel insurance from Squaremouth?

Let our insurance experts handle your travel insurance technology and processing needs. Squaremouth can provide you with a complete travel insurance solution at no cost. Read more

We’ll help you develop and execute a successful program much more quickly than you can do it yourself. For more information, please contact us at 1-800-240-0369. If you are outside the USA, please call (727) 564-9203.

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Earn up to 20% commission selling over 120 products from more than 20 providers

The Squaremouth Travel Partner program allows you to easily provide comparative travel insurance quotes for your clients. You will enhance the quality of service you provide as well as generate extra revenue.

If you are in the travel or insurance business, your clients will benefit from using our comparative engine.

Squaremouth allows quality products to shine

The unique selection tools available at squaremouth.com allow your customers to quickly locate insurance products that provide the coverage they need. Your customers can easily highlight a product’s strength by using our compare and sort tools.

Instant travel insurance quotes for your website

Our travel partner program adds comparative travel insurance to your website in minutes, provides excellent conversion, is free to setup and use, and pays up to 20% for each sale.

Compare hundreds of products from the best providers in the USA

Squaremouth is full of time saving features that let your customers access the information they need to quickly and easily make their decision. Every purchase is in real time, you and your customers immediately receive a policy number and full email confirmation of their purchase.

Customer Testimonials

“As a boutique agency owner squaremouth allows me to offer my clients a wide variety of travel insurance. My clients have the ability to easily compare and purchase the policy that best fits their needs.”

– Vickie Morgan, TN

“As a travel agent I have booked insurance for my clients and myself since 2003. Squaremouth consistently provides the individual service and product that meets the specific needs of each of my clients.”

– Dorothy Van Horn, CA

Extraordinary customer service with our unique Zero Complaint Guarantee.
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