Best Travel Medical Insurance in 2024

When planning a vacation, it’s smart to be prepared for the unexpected. From beach getaways to mountain adventures, there’s always a risk that you or a member of your travel group can fall ill or get injured during the trip. Since many primary health insurance providers don’t offer international coverage, many travelers opt for a travel medical insurance policy to cover the costs of medical care and treatment while traveling.

International health coverage is one of the main reasons why Squaremouth users purchase travel insurance. Since many providers offer travel health benefitsas part of their policies, Squaremouth has created a list of the most popular travel health insurance providers among travelers this year.

Best Travel Medical Insurance Providers in 2024

Almost one in three travelers in 2022 chose to forego cancellation coverage and purchase a policy primarily to cover medical emergencies. These policies are usually affordable, and can save travelers thousands in hospital bills.
    Best Overall Travel Medical Insurance
  1. Trawick International
    • Offers primary and secondary travel medical insurance plans
    • Emergency Medical coverage up to $250,000
    • Optional coverage for domestic trips
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    Trawick International is consistently among the most trusted travel insurance providers and is one of the bestselling providers among Squaremouth users. Trawick’s single-trip Emergency Medical coverage starts at $50,000, and can rise up to $250,000 with their Safe Travels Voyager plan. Trawick also offers policies that include up to $2,000,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage. With a track record of offering exceptional customer service to travelers, Trawick has earned over a 4/5 star rating from Squaremouth customers.

  2. Seven Corners
    • Offering medical travel insurance for 30+ years
    • Up to $1,000,000 in Emergency Medical coverage
    • Optional Sports & Activities upgrades available
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    Travelers looking for medical coverage while overseas often choose Seven Corners because they offer strong policies at affordable prices. Travelers can choose from a wide-range of health coverage options, with Medical Evacuation coverage starting at $100,000. Seven Corners’ Wander Frequent Traveler Plus plan offers the most medical protection, featuring $1,000,000 in Emergency Medical and $1,000,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage. Seven Corners also offers generous Missed Connection and Travel Delay reimbursement for travelers impacted by common carrier delays during their trip.

  3. Tin Leg
    • Listed as ‘Best Coverage for Pandemics’ by Forbes
    • All policies include ‘Cancel for Covid-19 Sickness’ coverage
    • Emergency Medical coverage ranging from $10,000 to $500,000
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    Tin Leg uses industry data and expertise to create policies that meet the needs of today’s travelers. Tin Leg offers nine plans in total, ranging from Economy to Luxury. Tin Leg’s Gold policy is a favorite amongst international travelers, offering a generous $500,000 in primary Emergency Medical and coverage along with other great benefits. All Tin Leg plans also offer at least $100,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage, which meets Squaremouth’s recommendations for most international trips.

    Most Affordable Travel Medical Insurance
  1. Aegis
    • Travel medical premiums average less than $33
    • Innovative ‘Stress Less Benefits’ approach to filing claims
    • Up to $500,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage
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    Travel medical insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. GoReady insurance offers policies with $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage and at least $250,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage, meeting Squaremouth’s recommendations for international travel. All GoReady policies listed on Squaremouth received an AM Best Rating of A or higher.

  2. Travelex Insurance Services
    • Average travel medical premium of $38
    • All policies received an A++ rating from AM Best Rating
    • Emergency Medical coverage ranging from $10,000 to $50,000
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    Travelex is a popular provider among price-conscious travelers because they offer affordable policies that offer adequate medical benefits. With “low cost” and “luxury” travel plans, Travelex has plans that fit most budgets. All plans from Travelex that are featured on Squaremouth include Travel Delay benefits, 24-Hour Emergency Assistance, and a Money Back Guarantee policy.

  3. Tin Leg
    • Average medical premium of $39
    • Award-winning customer service and claim department
    • Up to $1,000,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage
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    Recognized as “Great for Value” by USA Today, Tin Leg is a favorite amongst budget-conscious travelers due to their competitive prices, benefits, and coverage limits. Tin Leg’s ‘Economy’ plan offers a low-cost way to insure international travel, while its ‘Gold’ plan provides industry-leading benefits at affordable prices.

    Best Medical Travel Insurance for International Trips
  1. Trawick International
    • Offers plans that meet Squaremouth’s remote travel recommendations
    • All plans include ‘Trip Interruption’ coverage
    • Sports & Activities benefit included in all policies
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    Ranked as the top provider in our “Best Travel Insurance for International Travel in 2024”, it’s no surprise that Trawick International gets the top spot in this category. Trawick has many great plans with high medical coverage at affordable prices, such as their Safe Travels Outbound Cost Saver policy. Offering $50,000 in Emergency Medical and $100,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage, this plan meets the bare minimum of Squaremouth’s overseas medical coverage recommendations and would be an adequate policy for most trips.

  2. Seven Corners
    • All policies meet Squaremouth’s international medical coverage recommendations
    • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance available to all policyholders
    • Get full refund up to 14 days after purchase if you change your mind
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    Recognized as one of the “Best travel insurance companies of 2024” by USA Today, Seven Corners is consistently among the top providers of international travel medical insurance among Squaremouth users. Offering $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage per person, along with up to $250,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage, Seven Corners’ Travel Medical Basic plan will offer enough medical coverage for the majority of international trips. Their RoundTrip Choice and RoundTrip Elite plans are also popular among globetrotters, come with great benefits, and meet Squaremouth’s international travel recommendations. offer a generous collection of additional benefits. This meets our recommendation for general international travel.

  3. Tin Leg
    • Top rated provider by Squaremouth customers (4.6/5 stars)
    • Policies include comprehensive Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits
    • Policies backed by data to address today’s traveler concerns
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    Tin Leg is one of the most popular options for international travel medical insurance because they have a policy for just about every travel situation. From beach vacations to high-priced adventure trips, Tin Leg offers policies for a wide variety of trips, with medical coverage ranging from $50k to $500k. Tin Leg Gold is a popular plan among international travelers due to high medical coverage and a well-rounded collection of benefits that cater to common traveler concerns.

    Best Medical Travel Insurance for Remote Trips
  1. Seven Corners
    • Multiple policies with $1,000,000 Medical Evacuation coverage
    • Non-Medical Evacuation benefit available
    • Sports & Activities benefit included in all policies
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    When it comes to remote travel, having a travel medical insurance policy with high Medical Evacuation is crucial, as transportation to a treatment facility can be costly. Almost all policies offered by Seven Corners include at least $250,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage, meeting the minimum recommended by Squaremouth for remote trips. If you are planning an adventurous or remote vacation, we recommend Seven Corners’ RoundTrip Basic policy, which exceeds our recommendation by offering up to $250,000 in Emergency Medical and $1,000,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage.

  2. Trawick International
    • Multiple policies with $2,000,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage
    • Annual Policies available to those taking multiple trips in a year
    • Most policies offer at least $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage
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    With multiple policies with high Medical Evacuation coverage, there are a lot of options out there for travelers visiting those hard to reach destinations. With that said, their Safe Travels First Class plan is a great option with $150,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage and $1,000,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage, which meets Squaremouth’s recommendations for trips to remote destinations.

  3. Tin Leg
    • Up to $1,000,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage
    • Emergency customer service department on standby 24/7
    • Multiple policies with $100,000+ in Emergency Medical coverage
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    Tin Leg has a policy for almost every travel scenario, and remote travel is no exception. Their Adventure policy offers $100,000 in primary Emergency Medical coverage, a generous $1,000,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage, and plenty of other comprehensive benefits. These are ideal coverage limits for travelers heading off the beaten path. In addition to their Adventure plan, Tin Leg offers a variety of other policies that meet the recommended coverage criteria for remote travel.

    Best Travel Medical Insurance with Pre-Existing Condition Coverage
  1. Trawick International
    • Up to $20,000 per person in Pre-Existing Condition coverage
    • Multiple policy options available with Pre-Ex coverage
    • Policies with Pre-Ex coverage average $278.01
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    If you’re looking for a dependable policy that offers Pre-Existing Condition coverage, Trawick International may be for you. Trawick offers multiple policies and coverage limits for travelers looking for this type of coverage. Keep in mind, most policies with Pre-Existing condition protection must be purchased within 7-14 days after the initial trip deposit, depending on the policy.

  2. WorldTrips
    • Low-cost plans that cover Pre-Existing conditions, with an average premium of $130.74
    • Provided international health insurance to travelers for 25+ years
    • Globally recognized international health insurance provider
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    WorldTrips is a reputable travel insurance provider that offers affordable policies with solid coverage for travelers of all ages. All of their policies feature some form of Pre-Existing condition coverage, and their policies are some of the least expensive options available to Squaremouth users.

  3. Tin Leg
    • Most travel medical plans cover Pre-Existing Conditions
    • Over 17,000 Pre-Ex policies purchased in past 12 months
    • Policies featured in Forbes and USA Today
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    Tin Leg offers a few great options for travelers looking for a well-rounded policy that offers Pre-Existing Condition coverage. All Pre-Existing Condition policies offered by Tin Leg also feature cancellation, medical, and delay coverage. To be eligible for these policies, travelers must purchase Tin Leg insurance plans no later than 14-15 days after their initial trip purchase.

What is Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel medical insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover emergency medical expenses and other healthcare-related costs incurred while traveling outside of one’s home country. It provides coverage for unforeseen medical emergencies such as illness or injury that may occur during your trip.

What Benefits Does the Best Travel Medical Insurance Include?

When planning any type of getaway, there’s always the risk that you may need medical attention while traveling. This is the second most common traveler concern, only trailing Trip Cancellation.

Given that most health insurance providers don’t offer international coverage, a travel medical plan is often needed to help pay for overseas hospital bills, ambulance rides, and other treatment-related expenses.

When looking for a well-rounded travel medical insurance policy, it’s important to consider the following benefits:

  • Emergency Medical: With medical coverage, travelers may be reimbursed for costs related to treatment overseas, such as hospital bills, x-rays, ambulance services, and lab costs. We recommend having at least $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage for most international trips, but more coverage may be necessary depending on your destination and itinerary.
  • Medical Evacuation: In the event of a true medical emergency, a doctor may order a traveler to be transported to another medical facility or return home to receive treatment. Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance can cover these transportation costs, which can easily rise to tens of thousands of dollars. For most international destinations, we recommend travelers carry $100,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage, and up to $250,000 for cruisers or travelers going to a remote destination
  • Pre-Existing Condition Coverage: Pre-Existing Condition coverage can cover illnesses or other medical conditions that were diagnosed or treated before a trip, as long as they are stable at the time of purchase. While this coverage is not needed for most travelers, it is a helpful benefit to have for those that want coverage from an existing issue. Policies with this coverage will include a look back period, generally between 60 and 180 days, which outlines how far an insurance provider will “look back” to determine if a claim is related to a pre-existing condition.
  • Medical Coverage for Covid-19: While Covid-19 restrictions have decreased in recent times, there is still the possibility that you may contract the coronavirus during your trip. Having a policy that covers Covid-19 treatment can save thousands of dollars in the event you require medical assistance or need to be quarantined. While many policies currently extend their medical coverage to accommodate Covid-19 infections, not every policy will offer protection. Further information can be found in a policy’s details.

Is Travel Medical Health Insurance Ever Required?

Yes, in certain situations, travel medical health insurance may be required or strongly recommended. For example, some countries or tour operators may require you to obtain travel medical insurance prior to your trip. While this is not very common, we advice to research the entry requirements of your destination before you depart.

Even if it’s not explicitly required, having travel medical insurance is highly recommended for all international travelers to protect against unexpected medical expenses and emergencies that may arise during the trip.

How Much Travel Medical Insurance Do I Need?

The amount of travel health insurance you need depends heavily on the type of trip you are taking. It’s important to consider your travel itinerary when comparing plans, and that you take into account the various activities you might be doing while traveling.

For most travelers taking international trips, Squaremouth recommends a travel medical insurance policy with at least $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage and $100,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage. Plans that meet this criteria should offer enough coverage for most medical bills you face during a trip.

However, for cruisers or travelers with more adventurous itineraries that include potentially dangerous activities or that take you to remote regions, far from hospitals and treatment facilities, you’ll likely want a travel insurance plan that offers more protection. For such trips, we recommend a plan that features $100,000 in Emergency Medical and $250,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage at the very least.

How Much Does Travel Medical Insurance Cost?

The average travel medical insurance policy costs $89. However, this cost can vary based on several factors, including your trip length, age, destination, and the level of coverage you choose.

Travelers who want fully comprehensive coverage, including cancellation benefits in addition to medical coverage and other travel benefits, can expect their policies to be considerably more expensive. The average comprehensive policy costs travelers roughly $330.

What is the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Travel Health Insurance?

When comparing travel health insurance policies, you will notice that providers label their Emergency Medical benefit as either “Primary” or “Secondary.” This refers to the order in which a medical claim is paid. For Primary travel health insurance plans, the travel insurance provider will be the first in line to reimburse the claim. On the other hand, Secondary coverage will pay a claim after a traveler has filed with their primary health insurance provider.

It’s important to note that primary travel medical insurance doesn’t necessarily mean better coverage. While primary claims typically settle faster, travelers who opt for secondary Emergency Medical coverage are usually just as satisfied with the level of service and protection. To learn more, read our detailed explanation of the differences between primary and secondary travel insurance.

What Is Excluded From Travel Health Insurance?

Travel medical policies are designed to provide financial coverage to travelers impacted by an unforeseen medical emergency. However, this does not mean that all injuries and illnesses sustained while traveling will be covered by your insurance provider. Common exclusions include:

  • Pre-Existing Conditions:: The majority of travel insurance policies will not cover medical bills relating to illnesses or injuries sustained before the trips departure date. However, if a traveler is concerned about a pre-existing medical condition impact their trip, they may be able to purchase the Pre-Existing Condition policy upgrade which would remove this exclusion from their policy.
  • Pregnancies: While pregnancy complications may be covered under some travel health insurance plans, most policies will exclude coverage for normal pregnancy activity. This includes childbirth and routine checkups.
  • Elective Surgeries: Travelers that plan on undergoing an elective surgery at any point during their trip will likely not be covered by their travel medical insurance plan.
  • Sport Related Injuries: Unless otherwise stated, most standard travel health insurance policies won’t cover travelers if they get hurt participating in organized sports or hazardous activities. With that said, some providers have policies specifically designed for travelers with more adventurous or active itineraries.
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