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Coverage for Costly Cancellations

With Americans spending more on their vacations than ever before, there's a lot at stake if things don't go according to plan. While you can't recoup the time you spent planning your trip, flight insurance can reimburse the full amount you spent on airfare if you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason.

Most flight insurance plans will cover cancellations for the following reasons:

Coverage for Lengthy Delays

Roughly a quarter of all flights in the U.S. are either delayed or canceled. More often than not, significant changes to a flight's departure time can result in added stress and out-of-pocket expenses for travelers. This is especially true for those with connecting flights to catch.

Flight insurance provides reimbursement for expenses incurred as a result of a significant delay, including:

  • Meals: Food items purchased while you wait for your flight
  • Accommodations: Hotel stays if you're delayed overnight
  • Transportation: Taxi or rideshare costs to get to your overnight accommodations if necessary
  • Missed Connections: Additional costs to make new travel arrangements if you miss a connecting flight

Complete Travel Protection

Most flight insurance policies cover more than just your time in the sky. The majority of plans provide a wide-range of benefits that cover you for the duration of your trip, from the time you leave home to the moment you return.

Aside from cancellation and delay coverage, flight insurance can also offer reimbursement if you experience an unexpected medical emergency, lose your luggage, or have to end your trip early.

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Quick Tips

Before purchasing a flight insurance policy, consider the following tips from Squaremouth:

  • Purchase your policy early
  • Compare multiple providers
  • Insure only non-refundable expenses
  • Read past traveler reviews
  • Keep important trip documents organized

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Best Flight Insurance Benefits

Trips can end before they even get started. Trip Cancellation coverage can help you recoup your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs if you are forced to cancel your flight.
Roughly a quarter of all flights are delayed. If you face a lengthy delay, your policy may reimburse you for food, accommodation, and transportation expenses while you await your new departure time.
Millions of bags are mishandled by airlines each year. Flight insurance can reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses if your luggage is delayed, lost, damaged, or stolen at any point during your trip.
Missing a connecting flight can take away precious vacation time. If this happens to you, your insurance plan may be able to cover unused travel expenses and additional fees to book new travel arrangements.
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Flight Insurance FAQs

Get our top tips and recommendations based on the most frequently asked questions from past travelers.

What is Flight Insurance?

Flight insurance, also known as travel insurance, is a type of coverage designed to protect travelers from financial loss if their trip takes an unexpected turn for the worse. Most flight insurance plans are comprehensive, and offer benefits that cover the most common travel disruptions like delays, cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost luggage.

How Much Does Flight Insurance Cost?

If you only insure the cost of your flight, you can expect to pay between 5-10% of your total airfare costs on a comprehensive travel insurance plan. However, you can insure all prepaid and non-refundable expenses for complete coverage. Costs and coverage limits can vary significantly from one policy to the next, so it's best to compare plans before making a purchase decision.

The price of flight insurance varies based on a variety of factors:

  • Total Trip Cost:The sum of your prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses that you plan to insure.
  • Length of Your Trip:The amount of days you will be traveling, starting from the day you depart for your trip.
  • Traveler Age:The ages of all travelers on your policy at the time you purchase your plan.

How Does Flight Insurance Work?

Flight insurance works on a reimbursement basis. Insurers charge a premium for trip protection, and in return, they agree to cover expenses related to an event covered by the policy. If your trip is disrupted by an event covered by your travel insurance policy, you will file a claim directly with your insurance provider. The claims process typically takes 4-6 weeks depending on the amount of documentation and evidence you provide.

When Should I Buy Flight Insurance?

You can purchase travel insurance at any point after booking a flight up until your departure date. With that said, we recommend purchasing a policy within 10-14 days after making your initial trip payment. This not only keeps you covered longer, but opens the door to time-sensitive travel insurance benefits like CFAR and Pre-Existing Condition coverage.

Is Flight Insurance Worth It?

If you're comfortable with risk, or have existing coverage through other means, purchasing flight insurance may not be worth it. However, for many travelers, the peace of mind they receive for having travel protection is worth the cost of a policy alone.

Out-of-pocket expenses can add up quickly if your trip is disrupted. Even a relatively inexpensive travel insurance policy can provide some financial protection to limit your losses as a result of unforeseen cancellations, medical emergencies, delays, and luggage issues.

Should I Purchase Flight Insurance Through An Airline?

Many airlines offer flight insurance during the checkout process when booking airfare. The policies offer a convenient “one-stop-shop” to plan and protect a trip. Unfortunately, most travel suppliers won't offer you many policy options, and oftentimes just have one plan that they sell to their passengers.

While some of these plans can offer decent protection, the majority of the time you can find better trip protection for less by shopping around. At the very least, we recommend getting quotes from 2-3 additional travel insurance providers to see how policies compete on cost and coverage.

How Do I Find the Best Plan?

You can find travel insurance from a wide-range of sources, including credit cards, travel suppliers, and third party travel insurance companies. To find the best travel insurance protection for your trip, we recommend taking the time to compare multiple insurance plans that meet your budget and travel needs. Start by using a travel insurance comparison site like Squaremouth.