What is a Trip Deposit Date?

Your Trip Deposit Date is the date on which you made your first payment towards your trip. If you’re buying a single-trip travel insurance policy, you’ll be asked to provide this date when entering your trip details.

In most cases, your initial trip deposit will be a payment towards an airline ticket, cruise, or accommodation. However, any trip payments qualify.

Why Do I Need to Provide My Initial Trip Deposit Date?

Travel insurance providers will use this date to determine your eligibility for time-sensitive benefits. These are benefits offered by travel insurance providers that are only available for a specific time period after making an initial trip payment, typically 10-14 days.

The two most common types of time-sensitive travel insurance benefits are Cancel for Any Reason and Pre-Existing Condition coverage.

How to Find Your Initial Trip Deposit Date

It’s possible you may not know the exact date on which you made your initial trip deposit. If the payment was made some time ago, or you’re unsure what you paid for first, there are a few ways to retrieve this date when getting a travel insurance quote:

  • Search for Your Booking Confirmation: Review your email inbox, text messages, or travel apps to find the date a booking confirmation was sent
  • Contact Your Travel Supplier Directly: Call or message your airline, hotel, or other travel supplier to track down the date you made your booking
  • Review Credit Card/Bank Statements: Locate the date associated with your initial trip payment within your banking documents

What If I Haven’t Made a Trip Payment Yet?

While it’s possible to buy travel insurance before a trip is fully paid for, a trip payment of some kind is often required to get the ball rolling. Travel insurance providers will need your initial deposit date and trip costs to provide you with an accurate quote for your trip.

If you have yet to make a payment towards your trip, you can use today’s date as your trip deposit date and then estimate your trip costs. Once you know your trip costs, you can adjust as needed.

With that said, we recommend making a purchase towards your trip before considering travel insurance. For the most coverage options, it’s best to start your search immediately after making your initial trip deposit.

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