Travel Warnings

Tin Leg Position Statement Northeast Blizzard

Published by January 26, 2015

Tin Leg Released: 1/26/2015 Thousands of flight cancellations have already occurred as a result of the Northeast blizzard that is expected to hit on Monday, January 26th, 2015. As of this date, the blizzard is no longer considered unforeseen. Travelers who purchased a Tin Leg, Economy, Standard or Luxury policy prior to January 26th, 2015, […]

Trawick International Position Statement Northeast Blizzard

Published by January 26, 2015

Trawick International Released: 1/26/2015 Winter storm Colbie was named on Monday, January 26, 2015.  Customers are reminded to read their Trawick Safe Travel Plan Description for details regarding their coverage.   For plans that offer travel benefits (delay, interruption, cancellation) for adverse weather and natural disasters, please note that there is no coverage for this specific […]

RoamRight Position Statement Northeast Blizzard

Published by January 26, 2015

RoamRight Released: 1/26/2015 Winter storm Juno has the potential to disrupt travel throughout the northeast and New England. RoamRight urges travelers to confirm travel plans before they leave home, and take necessary precautions regarding travel in potential blizzard conditions. Depending on the RoamRight plan, travelers may have trip cancellation/interruption, trip delay, or missed connection benefits. […]

Global Alert, MH Ross, TravelSafe Position Statement Northeast Blizzard

Published by January 26, 2015

Global Alert, MH Ross, TravelSafe Released: 1/26/2015 With the predicted blizzard approaching, travel plans for persons traveling through airports along the northeastern seaboard (i.e. New York, Philadelphia, Boston, etc.)  may be disrupted beginning Monday, January 26, 2015.  While many travel suppliers and airlines are trying to reroute and/or reprotect travelers on alternate flights, some delays […]

Allianz Position Statement Northeast Blizzard

Published by January 26, 2015

Allianz Released: 1/26/2015 As of Monday, January 26, 2015, Winter Storm Juno has caused airlines to cancel thousands of flights to and from airports in the Northeast.  Allianz Global Assistance has fully staffed its Travel Operations Center and is currently assisting customers who are changing their travel plans, need travel assistance or would like to […]

CSA Position Statement Northeast Blizzard

Published by January 26, 2015

CSA Released: 1/26/2015 Winter Storm Juno in the Northeast threatens to become a major snowstorm today through Wednesday, with the potential for blizzard conditions and more than 2 feet of snow.  The National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings well in advance of the storm from the New Jersey shore all the way to Maine, including […]

CSA Position Statement Winter Storm Gorgon

Published by January 5, 2015

CSA  Released: 1/5/2015 Winter Storm Gorgon formed over the Northwest Sunday, and in a period of 48 hours it is expected to bring a swath of snow more than 2,000 miles long from the Cascades and Northern Rockies, across the Midwest and into the Northeast. This fast-moving system has already prompted winter storm watches, warnings, […]

Azimuth Position Statement Ebola

Published by December 11, 2014

Azimuth Risk Solutions, LLC Released: 12/11/2014 The Beacon/Axis Series Group Insurance Trust (Anguilla); provides travel medical insurance “The Beacon Series” and emergency travel assistance to Participating Member(s) traveling outside of their home country and covers illnesses contracted while abroad, including but not limited to, the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF). While […]

Seven Corners Position Statement Ebola

Published by November 4, 2014

Seven Corners Released: 11/04/2014 With respect to coverage under the RoundTrip Economy and RoundTrip Elite plans, there may be certain instances where a traveler impacted by Ebola will be covered. Emergency medical care and medically necessary evacuation coverage is available if the illness occurs during your travels.  As it relates to Trip Cancellation, unless a […]