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Air Ambulance Card General Information

General Information
Air Ambulance Card
2 North 20th Street Suite 1300
Birmingham, AL 35203
United States

Telephone: 205-297-0060
Fax: 205-297-0065
Why buy from Air Ambulance Card?

Air Ambulance Card, LLC flies sick or injured members home to the US or Canadian hospital of their choice when hospitalized 150 miles or more from home, domestically or internationally. Like an auto club for your body, our members never pay a dime more than their low annual membership fee, and they never file claim forms for transports.

Air Ambulance Card provides business travelers and vacationers peace of mind and financial protection, whether they are on a quick weekend trip to the beach or the European tour of a lifetime. When sick or injured members call the phone number on the back of their card, our medical team begins working with doctors on both ends, while our logistical staff arranges for a dedicated medical aircraft, a flying ICU, to rush to the member’s bedside and bring them home to the doctors and hospital they know and trust. Our staff monitors the patient from bedside to bedside, and keeps family up to date on the patient’s location and condition. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day by live person, waiting to spring to your aid and bring you home.

Remember, you are only a few quick questions away from an instant quote from all the major travel insurance providers.

Air Ambulance Card Claims

For use with these products: Air Ambulance Card - Standard Annual, Air Ambulance Card - Extended Stay 6 Months, Air Ambulance Card - Extended Stay 12 Months
Contact by Telephone
Customer Service Number: 877-424-7633
Hours of Operation:
Weekdays, 8:30am - 4:30pm CST

Claims Filing Number: 877-424-7633
Claims Hours of Operation:
Weekdays, 8:30am - 4:30pm CST
Contact by Email & Mail
Fax: 205-297-0065

Mail to:
Air Ambulance Card

2 20th St N
Suite 1300

Emergency Assistance Numbers
24 Hour Emergency Assistance Numbers:
Inside USA 877-424-7633 (toll free)
Outside USA 205-297-0060 (collect call)
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Air Ambulance Card has not provided a website for claims.