Tin Leg

Tin Leg Platinum

Provider: Tin Leg

Plan: Platinum

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Zero Complaint Guarantee:
This provider complies with Squaremouth's Zero Complaint Guarantee

Summary of Policy Benefits


  • Cancel for Covid-19 Sickness: Included in Trip Cancellation & Interruption
  • Trip Cancellation: 100% of the trip cost
  • Trip Interruption: 150% of the trip cost
  • Hurricane & Weather: Common carrier delay for 48 hours, Accommodation made uninhabitable, Must be purchased before storm is named
  • Terrorism: Covered for foreign only
  • Employment Layoff: Covered after 30 day wait, If employed for 3 continuous years
  • Cancel For Medical Reasons: Included in Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption
  • Cancel For Work Reasons: Covered for 100% of trip cost if purchased within 15 days of trip deposit


  • Medical Coverage for Covid-19: Included in Emergency Medical
  • Emergency Medical: $100,000 per person, Secondary coverage
  • Pre-Existing Condition: Covered if purchased within 15 days of trip deposit
  • Medical Deductible: No Medical Deductible


  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation: $500,000 per person

Loss or Delay

  • Extension Of Coverage: Coverage can extend up to 7 days, Coverage for medical quarantine included
  • Travel Delay: $500 per person, $150 daily limit, Covered after 6 hour delay
  • Baggage Delay: $200 per person, Covered after 24 hour delay
  • Baggage & Personal Items Loss: $500 policy limit, $25 deductible
  • Missed Connection: $250 per person, Covered after 6 hour delay

Accidental Death

  • Flight Only AD&D: $150,000 per person


  • Sports & Activities: Covered, Limitations apply
  • Sports Equipment Loss: Included in Baggage & Personal Items Loss
  • Sports Equipment Delay: Included in Baggage Delay
  • Sports Fees: Included in Cancellation & Interruption

Other Benefits

  • Money Back Guarantee: Free look up to 10 days after purchase
  • 24 Hour Assistance Service: 24 hour assistance provided