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Read This Before You Check “Yes” to Your Cruise Line’s Travel Insurance, says Squaremouth

Read This Before You Check “Yes” to Your Cruise Line’s Travel Insurance, says Squaremouth

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Cruise lines typically offer travel insurance to their customers, but what does it really cover? Squaremouth, a leading travel insurance comparison website, explains what travelers should know before buying travel insurance through their cruise line.

In most cases, travelers needing general benefits can receive adequate coverage by insuring through their cruise line. However, those with specific concerns may not. Squaremouth highlights three of the biggest differences between buying travel insurance through a cruise line versus a third-party insurance provider.

Major Differences: Cruise Line vs. Third-Party Travel Insurance

Pre-Existing Conditions
Pre-existing medical conditions are usually not covered by a cruise line’s travel insurance. Third-party policies can include this coverage at no additional cost if you buy the policy within 14-30 days of your first trip payment.

Door-to-Door Coverage
Travelers who purchase the cruise line’s policy can only insure expenses purchased directly through that cruise line. Any outside airfare or expenses would be forfeited in the event of a cancellation.

Third party travel insurance policies cover travelers from when they leave home to when they return, including coverage for delayed or cancelled flights.

Cruise Credit vs. Cancel For Any Reason
Both cruise lines and third party providers offer Trip Cancellation coverage if a cruise is cancelled for a covered reason, including illness, injury, or death of you, a traveling companion, or a family member.

In addition to standard Trip Cancellation benefits, third party insurance providers offer an optional upgrade called “Cancel For Any Reason”. This benefit allows travelers to cancel for a reason that’s not otherwise covered, including fear of traveling because of a Zika virus outbreak at one of your cruise destinations.

Most policies with Cancel For Any Reason will refund up to 75% of the total trip cost. Cruise lines also offer a version of Cancel For Any Reason, however, their refund typically comes as a credit for a future cruise.

“Purchasing through a cruise line can be a quick way to get coverage, but travelers should know it isn’t their only option,” said Squaremouth spokesperson Megan Moncrief. “Taking time to shop around can ensure you have the benefits you need, and may even save you money.”

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