When do I need to purchase a policy to have coverage for Ebola?

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Short Answer
Travel insurance coverage related to the Ebola virus may still be available to travelers who wish to purchase a policy, and can be purchased at any time prior to their trip.

More Detail
Currently contracting Ebola is not listed as an exclusion by most of the providers on the Squaremouth platform, and is still considered an unforeseen event.

However, canceling a trip due to the fear of contracting Ebola is not a covered reason to cancel under any travel insurance policy.

If you want to cancel your trip because you are worried about the Ebola outbreak, we recommend purchasing a policy with the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade. Cancel For Any Reason is a time sensitive benefit that must be purchased no more than 30 days after your first trip deposit. This benefit will reimburse travelers up to 75% of their total trip cost, requires travelers to cancel their trip no less than two to three days prior to their departure, and typically increases the premium by about 40%.

In the event that Ebola is deemed an Epidemic, certain providers would not offer coverage, as epidemics are commonly listed as an exclusion. Additionally, certain providers may not offer coverage in destinations where a travel warning has been posted. 

Travel insurance coverage for Emergency Medical and Trip Cancellation may still be purchased. We recommend looking at the provider’s current position statement on Ebola before purchasing the policy.

Official provider position statements on Ebola can be found here: https://www.squaremouth.com/current-event-information-centers/ebola/position-statements/

This information is time sensitive and may change as events unfold. Please check back for updated FAQs and provider position statements.

This information may vary based on the travel insurance policy. If you have questions about a specific policy, please contact us directly at 800-240-0369. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 and are delighted to help!


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