What is a Free Look Period?

A Free Look Period, also known as a Money Back Guarantee, is a window of time in which you can cancel your travel insurance policy for a full refund. This is designed to protect travelers and provide them an opportunity to review their policy and cancel it penalty-free if they don’t feel the policy fits their needs.

How Long is a Free Look Period?

In most cases, your free look period will last 10-15 days after you purchase a policy. This can vary depending on your travel insurance provider, the plan you choose, and your state of residence.

When searching for a policy for an upcoming trip, it’s important to consider the duration of a plan’s free look period. Plans with a longer free look period offer more time to review your coverage and consider your options.

You can typically find the duration of the free look period in a policy’s details or on a provider’s website. This information will also be included in your Certificate of Insurance that’s sent to you after completing a purchase.

Terminating a Plan During Your Free Look Period

There are a variety of reasons why you may wish to terminate your coverage during the free look period, such as:

  • Realizing your policy doesn’t meet your needs
  • Discovering you have existing coverage through other sources, such as a credit card
  • Your trip gets canceled and you no longer need coverage
  • You find another policy that offers better coverage or pricing
  • You no longer want travel insurance

Most providers allow you to cancel online or over the phone. You will typically receive a full refund of the premium you paid, minus any non-refundable administrative fees that may apply.

It’s possible to cancel your policy at any time after your free look period has expired, however, you will not be eligible for a refund of your premium.

Modifying a Plan During Your Free Look Period

Rather than canceling your plan altogether, it may be possible to adjust your coverage during your free look period. Many providers allow you to adjust your travel dates, trip costs, and other details before your departure date.

This approach allows you to stay protected without having to worry about finding another plan. Keep in mind that any changes to your trip details may result in an increase or decrease in your premium.

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