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Making Changes to Your Travel Insurance Policy

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What happens if travelers commit to purchasing a travel insurance policy, but need to make changes to their policy later? For many travelers, travel details often change after they purchase a policy. It is important to remember that travelers can make changes to their policies as long as they are made before the start of the trip.

Common adjustments include changing traveler details, increasing or decreasing trip costs, adding additional members to the policy, and changing the departure and return dates. A simple phone call to Squaremouth or to the provider is all that is required to make such changes. Having the policy number and necessary changes on hand will make the process easier.

Travelers should be aware that increasing trip costs and lengthening the dates of a trip may increase a policy’s premium. If changes are made that lower a premium, a refund for the difference will be issued. Additional travelers can often be added to a policy, but some providers require travelers on the same policy to be related or to reside at the same address.

Every travel insurance policy comes with a “free look” period, ranging from 10-15 days, in which the policy can be cancelled for a full refund. Of course, it is best to enter travel details accurately when generating a quote and purchasing a policy, as minute details could make a difference in available benefits and the cost of premiums.