Travel Insurance FAQ

Trip Cancellation vs Cancel For Any Reason

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Some travel insurance plans offer both trip cancellation coverage and cancel for any reason coverage.

Trip cancellation
requires that a trip be canceled for a covered reason.  Each plan has a list of covered reasons, but they tend to be events that are unforeseen and uncontrollable.  The most common covered reason that is claimed is a sickness, injury or death of a traveler, family member or traveling companion.  Trip cancellation can reimburse up to 100% of the trip cost, even if the trip is canceled at the last minute.

Cancel for any reason does not require that a reason be provided when canceling a trip.  In most cases, cancel for any reason is a selectable option that will increase the cost of the premium and is only available for a short amount of time from the initial trip deposit date.  Also, this coverage will not reimburse 100% of the trip cost, rather between 50%-90%, depending on the plan.  Lastly, in order to have a claim for cancel for any reason, the trip must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to departure.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.