Can I Buy More Than One Policy for the Same Trip?

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Many travelers find that travel insurance plans offer comprehensive packages of benefits that can cover everything from trip cancellation to emergency medical. However, some travelers purchase travel insurance through a cruise or vacation package before they realize they may need additional coverage in a certain area.

If the benefits available in one policy do not satisfy a traveler’s needs, they can purchase another policy to compensate for coverage, as long as the policies are from different travel insurance providers. The most important thing to remember when purchasing multiple policies is that travelers can’t “double dip.” In other words, purchasing multiple policies doesn’t mean travelers can receive multiple payouts for the same claim. Having multiple policies can help travelers if the benefit limits on one policy are exhausted.

However, there are hundreds of travel insurance products available to meet the many needs of all kinds of travelers. The easiest way to avoid purchasing multiple policies is to determine travel insurance needs upfront. This way, travelers can ensure they have all the benefits in one convenient plan.