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Seven Corners Discusses the Trojan Horse Scam and Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance carriers often discuss current events and how coverage would be available in those circumstances.  The following is an excerpt from the Seven Corners newsletter and it addresses a common scam victimizing tourists.

The Trojan Horse Scam

Tour guide, Ann Lombardi of the Trip Chicks, says she “recently watched a schemer in action in Frankfurt Germany train station” perform the classic hollow suitcase with rollers and frame trick, which Lombardi says works thusly: “A distracted tourist takes his eyes off his bag for a second. Behind the tourist lurks a guy with an enormous suitcase. In a flash, the thief lifts the enormous hollow luggage, puts it over the tourist’s bag, and calmly wheels away with his prized catch. Avoid such schemers by always protecting your luggage between your legs while in crowded transportation areas”, she says.

Travel insurance plans that offer baggage & personal items loss will reimburse the traveler for luggage that is damaged, lost or stolen during the trip.  Normally, there is an overall dollar limit for the policy as well as limits per item.  Some plans will cover a travelers baggage throughout the trip, while other plans only cover checked luggage.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

The source of this article in the Seven Corners newsletter is available at: worst-travel-scams/