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TV Travel Journalist Greenberg Recommends WTP Lite for Trip Delay Protection

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This article was reproduced from the Travel Insured International newsletter.

Emmy Award-winning travel journalist Peter Greenberg, who writes a daily blog of his travel tips at, offered his latest recommendations on “Travel Delay Insurance” in his July 18 edition. He urged his readers to seek the best-available values in travel insurance to prevent losses due to mounting airline delays.
“Protecting yourself doesn’t have to mean paying sky-high rates,” wrote Greenberg, who is travel editor at NBC Today, CNBC and MSNBC. “…Travel Insured offers “Worldwide Trip Protector Lite,” which starts at $15, and covers trip cancellation and interruption, emergency medical and evacuation, and lost or delayed baggage.”
Noting that some airlines now offer their own trip delay insurance, Greenberg added: “Take my advice: If you’re buying travel insurance, get it from a third-party source, not the vendor with which you’re traveling.”

Travel Insured suggests that travelers, if possible, try to book the earliest flight of the day departing to your vacation destination, preferably 8 a.m. or earlier. Your better chance of leaving on or close to schedule, especially on bad weather days, is when your plane is already at your boarding gate, not when you are waiting for it to arrive at your gate from another airport.

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