When is an event considered an act of war?

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Under most travel insurance policies, war, acts of war, and political unrest are excluded from cancellation coverage, meaning any resulting claims likely will not be paid. However, travel insurance policies typically do not have specific definitions for war.

If travelers are concerned about traveling due to political tension between two countries, such as the ongoing situation between the United States and Iran, each claim will be handled on an individual basis. In general, however, coverage will only be available if the event meets a policy’s specific definition of Terrorism.

In order for an incident to be considered an act of Terrorism, the following conditions typically must be met:

  • The attack typically must be deemed an act of terrorism by the U.S. government
  • The attack must occur in or near a city listed on a traveler’s itinerary
  • The attack must occur within 7-30 days of a traveler’s scheduled arrival
  • There have been no other terrorist incidents in the same city within a specified period of time

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