Travel insurance is designed to protect travelers from the unforeseen. This often involves common travel disruptions such as flight delays and medical emergencies. However, most travel insurance policies also offer protection from extreme situations, such as acts of terrorism.

While the chances of a trip being impacted by an act of terrorism are small, it remains a concern among travelers. This is especially true among those heading to destinations with a history of civil unrest, war, and terrorist attacks.

Before you depart for a trip, make sure you understand the protection you have in the event your itinerary is derailed by an act of terror.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Terrorism?

Yes, most comprehensive travel insurance policies found on Squaremouth offer terrorism coverage within Trip Cancellation. This coverage may protect travelers if a terrorist attack occurs at your destination before you depart for your trip or while you’re traveling.

In the event an attack occurs before you depart for your trip, you may be eligible to cancel your trip and be reimbursed your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs. If an attack occurs during your trip, you may be reimbursed any costs incurred to be evacuated to safety or return home early.

Important Details About Terrorism Insurance Coverage

While terrorism coverage may vary from one policy to the next, most have similar requirements that policyholders must adhere to before coverage can apply.

In order to be eligible for coverage under most travel insurance policies, the following conditions typically must be met:

  • The policy must be purchased before the terrorist attack occurs.
  • The attack typically must be deemed an act of terrorism by the U.S. Department of State, or a local government where the attack occurred
  • The attack must occur in or near a city listed on a traveler’s itinerary
  • The attack must occur within 7-30 days of a traveler’s scheduled arrival
  • There have been no other terrorist incidents in the same city within a specified period of time

Top Terrorism Insurance Benefits to Consider

Comprehensive travel insurance policies have a myriad of benefits that can be helpful in the event your trip is disrupted by a terrorist attack.

The best plans to have for travel protection from terrorist attacks will offer generous coverage for the following benefits:

  • Trip Cancellation: If a terrorist attack occurs at your destination before you depart, you may be eligible to cancel your trip and be reimbursed up to 100% of your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs.
  • Trip Interruption: Travelers impacted by a terrorist attack during their trip may be eligible to end their trip early and be reimbursed unused trip costs, as well as any additional expenses incurred to return home early.
  • Non-Medical Evacuation: Non-Medical Evacuation may provide transportation from a place of danger to a place of safety in the event of a terrorist attack.

Destinations With High Risk of Terrorism 

While they are a rare occurrence in most parts of the world, terrorism can occur anywhere. Unfortunately, there are a few destinations that have experienced more terrorist attacks than others.

Before departing for your trip, it’s recommended that you check the U.S Department of State Travel Advisory for your specific destination to see the latest threat level it has been assigned. Our Destination Center also offers the latest travel insurance recommendations for specific destinations around the world.

Squaremouth’s Terrorism Center explains travel insurance coverage related to acts of terrorism. This resource is regularly updated with provider position statements, press releases, and answers to FAQs.


Terrorism Event Center External Resources

In order for an attack to be covered by travel insurance, it must be declared an act of terrorism. In addition to the local authorities at your destination, you can check these resources to determine if an attack has been deemed a terrorist event: