Squaremouth’s Terrorism Travel Insurance Information Center is a regularly-updated resource on coverage for terrorist attacks that may impact travelers. Visit an event-specific information center to view official provider position statements and learn more about coverage for that event.

Fact Sheets and Press Releases

  • Travel Insurance Amidst Political Uncertainty, Explained By Squaremouth

  • France Christmas Market Attack: Terrorism Travel Insurance Can Cover Travelers

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. December 13, 2018 — On Wednesday, December 11, 2018, a shooting at France's largest Christmas market has left at least three dead and been declared an act of terrorism. With the gunman still on the loose and the country reeling from the recent riots in Paris, travelers may be concerned about their upcoming trips. Fortunately, most travel insurance policies include cancellation coverage for terrorist attacks, as long as specific conditions are met.

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  • London Parliament Crash: 2 Things Travelers Should Do Right Now, According to Squaremouth

    ST. PETERSBURG Fla. August 14, 2018 — On Tuesday, August 14th, a suspected terrorist drove a car into pedestrians outside the House of Parliament in London. At this time, the event is being treated as terrorism, although it is still under investigation. Travelers with upcoming trips to the popular city may be rethinking their plans, but according to leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, there are two things concerned travelers should do right now.

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  • Toronto Van Attack: Travel Insurance and Traveler Behavior Explained

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. April 24, 2018 – Canada is a top destination for United States travelers but many travelers may be on edge after a man drove a rental van and killed 10 pedestrians and injured at least 15 others in Toronto. Canadian authorities are calling the act deliberate but have not classified it as terrorism. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, breaks down traveler behavior for trips to Canada and explains what options travelers have if they’re concerned about traveling to Canada after the Toronto van attack.

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  • 3 Types of Travelers Not Covered by Travel Insurance After NYC Terrorist Attacks

    ST. PETERSBURG FL December 14, 2017— In the wake of two recent terrorist attacks in New York City, travelers may be hesitant to visit the popular holiday destination. Travel insurance expert, Squaremouth, explains why even the most prepared travelers may not be covered to cancel their upcoming trips to New York City.

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  • How Travel Insurance Terrorism Coverage Can Help NYC-Bound Tourists This Holiday Season

    ST PETERSBURG FL, November 15, 2017 — Many travelers going to New York are on edge this holiday season because of last month’s terrorist attack. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, explains how travel insurance can and can’t help travelers who are worried about terrorism.

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  • How Travel Insurance Can Cover You After the NYC Terrorist Attack, Explained by Squaremouth

    ST PETERSBURG FL November 1, 2017 –– New York City is the most recent tourist destination targeted by a terrorist attack, after a man drove a truck down a crowded bicycle path, killing 8 people and injuring many others.

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  • 7 Travel Insurance Questions Answered After the Las Vegas Shooting

    ST PETERSBURG, FL October 6, 2017 — After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the McCarran International Airport halted travel, leaving many travelers with delayed or diverted flights. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, answers questions about what travel insurance can cover.

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  • Barcelona Van Attack: Terrorism Travel Insurance Can Cover Travelers

    ST. PETERSBURG FL August 17, 2017 — Barcelona’s historic Las Ramblas district is the most recent popular European destination to be targeted by terrorists, after a van drove through the crowded tourist area on Thursday, August 17, 2017.

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  • The Travel Insurance Terrorism Coverage You Didn’t Know You Had, Explained by Squaremouth

    ST. PETERSBURG FL June 16, 2017 — After several terrorist attacks in popular tourist destinations, demand for terrorism coverage in travel insurance policies is at an all-time high. Many travelers want a policy to cancel their trip if an attack occurs before they leave. But what if an attack occurs after they arrive?

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Terrorism Event Center External Resources

In order for an attack to be covered by travel insurance, it must be declared an act of terrorism. In addition to the local authorities at your destination, you can check these resources to determine if an attack has been deemed a terrorist event: