How do I file a Trip Cancellation claim on my travel insurance?

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Short Answer

To file a Trip Cancellation claim, you should first contact your provider’s claims department as soon as reasonably possible to report your claim.

More Detail

Trip Cancellation is designed to provide reimbursement for prepaid trip costs if you cancel your trip due to accidental illness, injury or death, natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other covered reason.

After speaking with your provider about your situation, you should decide if you want to cancel all of your travel arrangements, including flights, hotels, cruises, or tours, and obtain documentation for all cancellations. You will then need to provide supporting documentation to your provider in order to validate your claim.

For most cancellation claims, supporting documentation will include proof of your original purchase, proof of cancellation, and proof of the reason for cancellation.

-Proof of purchase may include receipts, email confirmation, e-ticket, or credit card statement showing your original purchase, including the date of your original purchase and how much you paid

-Proof of cancellation may include a notice from your travel supplier — such as an airline, cruise, hotel, or tour — showing the date you canceled and whether any refunds were provided

-Proof of the reason for cancellation could include documentation of a delay or cancellation of a common carrier, physician statement, or other documented proof related to your reason for canceling

If you are canceling for medical reasons, you may need to provide additional supporting documentation, such as medical reports related to medical stability or pre-existing conditions.