How do I file a Trip Interruption claim on my travel insurance?

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Short Answer

Contact the claims department of your insurance provider as soon as reasonably possible to report your Trip Interruption claim.

More Detail

Trip Interruption is designed to provide coverage for unused, prepaid travel if you miss a portion of your trip or need to end your trip early for a covered reason. Trip Interruption can also reimburse the additional cost of transportation to return home early.

Once you discuss your situation with your provider, you should decide if you want to cancel all remaining travel arrangements, including original return flight or cruise, remaining hotel stays, or unused tours or excursions. Be sure to retain documentation for all cancellations, as your provider will require this supporting documentation to validate your claim.

For most Trip Interruption claims, supporting documentation will include proof of your original purchase, proof that you canceled the remainder of your trip, and proof of the reason you interrupted your trip.

-Proof of your original purchase could include receipts, email confirmation, e-ticket, or credit card statement showing your original purchase and how much you paid

-Proof that you canceled the remainder of your trip could include cancellation notices from your travel suppliers — such as your hotel, airline, tour, or cruise — including the date you canceled and whether any refunds were provided

-Proof of the reason you interrupted your trip could include a doctor’s note, police report, or other documented proof related to your reason for ending your trip early

If you are also claiming for additional transportation expenses, receipts for those expenses may also be required

If you interrupted your trip for medical reasons, your provider may require documentation other than a doctor’s note, such as medical records or a medical authorization form, regarding medical stability or pre-existing conditions.