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2017 Travel Projections: Squaremouth’s 5 Predictions of Traveler Behavior

2017 Travel Projections: Squaremouth’s 5 Predictions of Traveler Behavior

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ST. PETERSBURG FL January 19, 2017 — The Zika outbreak, major storms, and an uptick in terrorist attacks impacted traveler behavior in 2016, but didn’t stop Americans from traveling, reports leading travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.

Based on data collected from customer purchases on their website, Squaremouth reveals five predictions for traveler behavior in 2017.

Squaremouth's 2017 Travel Predictions

Prediction 1: International Travel Will Continue to Outpace Domestic

  • In 2016, the number of travelers insuring international trips increased by 15% over the previous year
  • For the third straight year, travel to international destinations grew at a faster rate than domestic travel
  • With new international destinations gaining popularity, Squaremouth expects this trend to continue in 2017

Prediction 2: Terrorism, Weather Will Remain Major Concerns

  • The number of travelers specifically looking for Terrorism coverage skyrocketed in 2016, increasing by 146% over the previous year, more than any other benefit on
  • With the first terrorist attack of 2017 occurring already on New Year’s Day, Squaremouth expects interest in Terrorism coverage to remain top of mind for travelers
  • Squaremouth also predicts travelers will continue to look for Hurricane and Weather coverage, as interest in this benefit increased by 82%

Prediction 3: Average Trip Cost Will Plateau

  • In 2016, travelers spent about the same on their trips as the previous year, with the average trip cost growing by only 0.2%
  • For the third year in a row, Squaremouth expects the average trip cost for cancellation-style policies to remain around $5,600
Average Trip CostYear-Over-Year Growth

Prediction 4: New Destinations Will Gain Ground

  • While the United States, Mexico, and Italy have been the top three destinations on for the past five years, other destinations are gaining popularity
  • Squaremouth expects Iceland and Cuba to continue to rise in 2017, after having year-over-year growth rates of 102% and 89%, respectively

Prediction 5: Seniors Will Continue to Outspend Millennials

  • Millennials have spent the least on trips for the past five years, while travelers above 65 have consistently spent the most
  • Squaremouth projects travelers over 65 will continue to spend over twice as much on trips as millennials in 2017
Average Trip Cost per Traveler
21 and under$1,281
80 and older$2,462

Methodology: Data is based on travel insurance policies purchased through Squaremouth prior to 1/1/17. Statistics reflect year-over-year changes unless otherwise noted.

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