Squaremouth Study Shows Popularity of Vacation Rentals

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Squaremouth polled more than 7,000 customers regarding their upcoming trip to determine the popularity of vacation rentals among travelers buying travel insurance. The survey was sent to all Squaremouth customers between 9/18/2023 and 10/12/2023.

  1. Are you staying in a vacation rental (AirBnb, VRBO, etc.) at any point during this trip?
    • Yes (20.42%)
    • No (79.58%)
  2. If you answered yes, have you considered getting third party damage protection for your stay?
    • Yes (2.32%)
    • No (29.78%)
    • My trip does not include a vacation rental (67.90%)
  3. When staying in a vacation rental, are you concerned about being charged extra for damage and cleaning fees?
    • Yes (17.92%)
    • No (49.67%)
    • I never stay in vacation rentals (32.42%)
  4. If your trip were to include a vacation rental, would you be interested in buying coverage for vacation rental damage?
    • Yes (10.41%)
    • No (50.37%)
    • Depends on the cost difference (39.22%)