43% of Travelers Have Taken a Blended Trip, Study Shows

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In a remote workforce, blended travel has increased in popularity. Blended travel refers to the combination of work and leisure time while on a trip, such as working while on vacation or extending a work trip with vacation days.

Squaremouth polled more than 2,500 customers regarding their upcoming trip to determine the popularity of blended travel among travelers buying travel insurance. The survey was sent to all Squaremouth customers between 10/12/2023 and 10/25/2023.

  1. Blended travel refers to trips that include both work and leisure time, whether it’s adding extra vacation days to a business trip or working remotely during a vacation. Have you ever taken a blended trip?
    • Yes (42.60%)
    • No (57.40%)
  2. What best describes the trip you are buying this policy for?
    • Purely a vacation (88.71%)
    • Purely a business trip (1.21%)
    • It’s a vacation, but I plan on working remotely at some point during the trip (7.92%)
    • It’s a business trip, but I plan on adding days before/after for vacation time (2.17%)
  3. Do you foresee yourself taking a blended trip within the next 12 months?
    • Yes (24.45%)
    • No (75.55%)
  4. Which of the following blended trip scenarios would you prefer?
    • Adding vacation days to the beginning or end of a work trip (25.25%)
    • Working remotely while on vacation (18.25%)
    • Working remotely as a digital nomad (3.65%)
    • I would not take a blended trip (52.86%)