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3 Types of Travelers Not Covered by Travel Insurance After NYC Terrorist Attacks

3 Types of Travelers Not Covered by Travel Insurance After NYC Terrorist Attacks

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ST. PETERSBURG FL December 14, 2017— In the wake of two recent terrorist attacks in New York City, travelers may be hesitant to visit the popular holiday destination. Travel insurance expert, Squaremouth, explains why even the most prepared travelers may not be covered to cancel their upcoming trips to New York City.

Too Late to Buy Coverage for Recent New York Attack

Travelers without insurance who want to cancel their New York trip can no longer buy a policy with cancellation coverage for the recent attack. Any policies purchased after the attack occurred, December 11, 2017, will not provide cancellation coverage for this event. In order to be covered, the policy must have been purchased before the attack occurred.

Policyholders Still May Not Be Covered to Cancel

Even some travelers who purchased a policy before the attack occurred aren’t covered to cancel if their policy has a specific provision.

About 25% of policies with Terrorism coverage will not cover a terrorist attack if there has been a previous attack in the same city within the past 90 days. This means the recent New York City Truck Attack that occurred on October 31st nullifies terrorism coverage on policies with this provision.

Travelers Can’t Count on Last-Minute Cancellation Upgrade for Upcoming New York Trips

Travelers relying on purchasing a last-minute Cancel For Any Reason policy may also be disappointed to find that they are probably too late for this coverage if they bought their policy over a month ago. These policies must be purchased within 14 to 30 days of their first booking date.

If a traveler already has the Cancel For Any Reason benefit and wants to cancel their upcoming trip, they must cancel at least 2 to 3 days before they are scheduled to depart.

To keep travelers informed, Squaremouth launched the New York City Bus Terminal Bomb and Travel Insurance Information Center, which explains coverage related to the incident, answers to FAQs, and official provider statements. This resource will be updated as information becomes available.

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