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Bali Volcanic Eruption: How Insurance Can Protect Travelers

Bali Volcanic Eruption: How Insurance Can Protect Travelers

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ST PETERSBURG, FL November 29, 2017— An eruption of Bali’s Mount Agung is considered imminent, causing thousands to evacuate and closing Bali’s main international airport, stranding more than 50,000 travelers. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, explains insurance coverage in the midst of the Bali volcanic eruption.

In order for a traveler to have any coverage for the eruption, they must have purchased their policy before Mount Agung showed signs of erupting in September. At this time, local authorities issued an evacuation and insurers began excluding this event. Those who purchased coverage before the event became foreseen may be able to claim for a number of benefits, whether they are already in Bali or have an upcoming trip planned to the island.

Travelers Currently in Bali

Travelers in Bali may be covered under travel insurance if they are experiencing travel delays and mandatory evacuations because of the volcanic eruption and airport shutdown.

Delayed travelers may be refunded for additional expenses spent on an extended hotel stay, additional meals, and depending on the policy, a return ticket home.

If a traveler’s hotel is under mandatory evacuation, they may be refunded the money they spent to get to a safe place. Non-Medical Evacuation may help transport travelers from a place of danger to a place of safety.

Trip Interruption can refund travelers for return tickets, hotel reservations, and missed excursions if they miss roughly 50% of their trip by the time the mandatory evacuation ends.

Travelers With Upcoming Trips to Bali

Travelers with upcoming trips to Bali may be eligible to cancel their vacation to the Indonesian island if the volcanic eruption impacts their travel plans.

The Trip Cancellation benefit can refund travelers whose trips are delayed for extended periods of time. This includes prepaid expenses, such as airline tickets and hotel reservations.

Likewise, travelers whose hotels are evacuated, destroyed, or made unsafe by the volcanic ash and debris may be covered to cancel their future trip to the island as well.

Specific coverage is dependent on each traveler’s policy. To keep travelers informed, Squaremouth launched the Bali Volcanic Eruption and Travel Insurance Information Center, which explains coverage related to the incident, answers to FAQs, and official provider statements.

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