CNBC, Feb 9 2016 – Worried about Zika? Here’s how to cancel that trip

Published by Courtney Pechart February 9, 2016

If you bought travel insurance, check to see if your policy will kick in to cover nonrefundable costs of rescheduling or canceling your trip — but don’t count on it. “In general, policies don’t cover something that would just be a fear of travel,” said Megan Freedman, executive director of the U.S. Travel Insurance Association.

Worries that you’ll contract Zika aren’t covered, even with the CDC’s travel warning.

There are a few exceptions. Travelers who paid extra for cancel-for-any-reason coverage are likely to find they can still back out. A few policies also allow for trip cancellation if you became pregnant after purchasing the insurance and, as a result of the pregnancy, no longer want to take the trip, said Rachael Taft, a spokeswoman for comparison site Squaremouth.

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