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Forbes, April 20 2019 – If You’re Traveling Somewhere, You Might Need This Before You Go

Forbes, April 20 2019 – If You’re Traveling Somewhere, You Might Need This Before You Go

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Where to buy visitors insurance

You can buy visitors insurance from several reputable sources. They include:

Directly from a specialist. You can purchase a policy directly from companies such as VisitorsCoverage, which specializes in selling policies to U.S. immigrants and visitors. Other visitors insurance companies include G1G, INF Visitor Care, and InsuBuy.

By shopping on an insurance site. Travel insurance sites such as Seven Corners and Squaremouth sell a variety of policies, both for visitors to the U.S. and for Americans going overseas.

Through your travel agent. A trusted travel advisor is always a good person to consult before a trip. Often agents know the best policies and can advise you on what kinds of coverage you need — and don’t need. To find a good agent, check out the agent finder on the American Society of Travel Advisors’ site.

But do you really need visitors coverage?

Whether you’re headed to the United States or leaving, you might still be wondering whether visitors insurance is right for you. Maybe you checked out one of the sites and thought the price of coverage was too high. Or maybe you read the list of reasons for buying insurance and said to yourself, “It’ll never happen to me.”

My consumer advocacy organization, which specializes in helping travelers, receives hundreds of requests a week from travelers, many of whom fell ill while they were abroad. In about 90 percent of those cases, a reliable travel insurance policy could have helped — and may, as a matter of fact, have eliminated the problem entirely.

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