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Forbes, Jan 29 2020 – 2020 Travel Tips: Smart Ways To Save Money And Time

Forbes, Jan 29 2020 – 2020 Travel Tips: Smart Ways To Save Money And Time

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If you’ll need to exchange dollars for local currency when traveling abroad, Angel Castellanos, aka The Travel Ambassador, and Kepnes urged avoiding airport foreign-currency cash machines.

“They pay terrible exchange rates or charge high fees,” Castellanos said. “And the worst place to get cash is at an airport currency counter.” Instead, he advised, “if you desperately need local cash, go to Customs and get on the other side of Security to find the proper bank-owned machines.”

Travel insurance? Frommer recommended always buying it for big-ticket travel like a safari or a cruise, but not for just a hotel room or a flight. Frommer’s favors purchasing a policy through an insurance market site like Squaremouth.com or Insuremytrip.com or Travelinsurance.com.

“Never buy travel insurance from your travel provider,” Frommer said. “If they go out of business, you’ve lost your insurance, too.”

Kepnes noted that although high-end credit cards offer customers travel insurance, “that only covers what you purchased on their cards and they don’t have high coverage limits.”

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