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How To Make A Successful Travel Insurance Claim, Advises Squaremouth

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ST. PETE BEACH, FL June 20, 2011 – Many travelers are unaware of the essential steps they must take when filing a travel insurance claim. Understanding those steps will eliminate a traveler’s frustration, as well as lower the possibility of a denied claim., a site for comparing and purchasing travel insurance, has provided tips to help travelers file their claim properly, quickly and successfully.

Communication is an important key in making a successful claim. Whether travelers need medical assistance while traveling, or their bags are lost or delayed, Squaremouth recommends contacting the travel insurance provider as soon as they can. Every travel insurance provider has a toll free emergency assistance number that can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Contact with the assistance services company for an emerging situation is not only important but serves as a valuable resource for our insured clients when faced with any situation when they are on their trip,” says Judy Sutton, Director of Product Management at Travel Insured International. “Think about some of the situations that might arise: Where do I turn if I lost my passport?  Where is the nearest hospital? Calling the assistance services puts the insured in touch with a professional who can manage every aspect of the insured’s needs effectively and efficiently.”

In the event of a medical emergency, it is particularly important to contact the assistance services. They will help identify what coverage is available to a traveler, as well as work with local authorities and medical facilities to make sure the necessary medical treatment and transportation is provided.

Gather Documentation
Another essential step in making a successful travel insurance claim is obtaining documentation. “If a medical situation causes a traveler to end the trip early and come home, a traveler will need to provide evidence of the illness or injury with documentation. Without it, a traveler’s claim will be denied,” says Sarah Byrne, Marketing Manager at Squaremouth.

Along with receiving documentation, travelers are also expected to try to recoup all expenses. Travelers are encouraged to notify authorities if their bags have been stolen, or request payment from an airline if their bags are damaged or lost. It is wise to receive a written letter from the travel supplier stating a whether or not a refund will be made. Taking care of this step early can expedite the claims process.

Save Receipts
“Most travel insurance policies will reimburse travelers for food and lodging during a delay, however, a traveler must remember to save all receipts,” advices Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth. Travelers will not be refunded for expenses that cannot be proven. The same is true when travelers arrive at a destination, but their bags do not. Essential items, like a change of clothes or toiletries can be reimbursed, but only if receipts for those expenses are submitted with the claim.

Don’t Wait to File the Claim

Once a traveler returns home it’s important not to wait to file a claim. To receive the best results, travelers should file no later than 90 days after the trip ends. If a traveler waits too long, or does not give a notice of intent to file the claim, the travel insurance provider may choose to not review it. Travelers may also encounter difficulties in obtaining documentation from the travel supplier, such as a letter from the airline explaining why the flight was delayed.

Travelers who purchased travel insurance from Squaremouth can also utilize their free claims mediation service. If anytime during the claims process, a customer is treated unfairly by the travel insurance provider, they can request Squaremouth mediate on their behalf to help resolve the issues.

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