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Hurricane Harvey: 3 Ways Travel Insurance Can Cover the Dangerous Storm

Hurricane Harvey: 3 Ways Travel Insurance Can Cover the Dangerous Storm

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL August 25, 2017 – Residents of Texas are some of the most frequent travelers in the United States, according to travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth. With Hurricane Harvey expected to bring widespread flooding and winds to the state, Squaremouth explains 3 ways travel insurance can cover those impacted by the historic storm.

In order to have travel insurance coverage for the storm, travelers must have purchased a policy prior to August 17th, the day the storm was named. For travelers who already had a policy in place as of that date, the following instances can be covered by travel insurance:

Airport Delays and Missed Flights

Texas’ Dallas/Fort Worth airport is a hub for American Airlines. As the storm approaches, flight delays and cancellations are expected throughout the state.

Travelers can be reimbursed for expenses they incur during an extended weather delay, including meals and accommodations. Travelers who miss a connecting flight can also be reimbursed for new bookings to catch them up to their trip.

Ruined Trips

Travel to and from Texas will be impacted as the storm makes landfall. Travelers who are unable to reach their destination, and travelers who are unable to depart, can both be reimbursed for their non-refundable trip expenses.

For travelers visiting Texas, most policies require their destination be “uninhabitable” by flooding or other destruction of a natural disaster, including Hurricane Harvey.

Damage to Homes

Travelers can also be covered to return early from a trip if their home is severely damaged by the storm. Typically, this coverage requires the home be rendered uninhabitable. Travelers who meet the necessary requirements can be reimbursed any nonrefundable expenses they lost by leaving early, as well as the additional airfare to return home.
Squaremouth launched the Hurricane Harvey and Travel Insurance Information Center to answer travelers’ questions, and keep them up-to-date with coverage as events unfold.

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