The Little-Known Travel Insurance Benefit When a Hurricane Hits Home, Says Squaremouth

Published by Carolyn Leckie October 6, 2016

ST. PETERSBURG FL October 6, 2016 — As Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in the United States, the storm is affecting more than just Caribbean travelers. While many travelers are aware of travel insurance coverage for flight delays or cancellations due to Hurricane Matthew, there is another lesser-known benefit for travelers affected by the hurricane at home, explains travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.

“We usually talk about travel insurance coverage when a hurricane is affecting your destination, but there is also coverage when it affects your home,” said Squaremouth spokesperson Rachael Taft. “Travelers whose homes are damaged by the hurricane can be covered to cancel their upcoming trip or return home early if they’re already traveling.”

This coverage is typically included under the Hurricane & Weather benefit on most cancellation policies, as long as the traveler had their policy in place before Hurricane Matthew became a named storm.

Travelers who cut their trip short because their home has been damaged by the storm can be reimbursed for the missed portion of their trip, as well as their return transportation. Residents with an upcoming trip planned can be covered to cancel their trip for full reimbursement of their trip cost if Hurricane Matthew renders their home uninhabitable.

Visit Squaremouth’s Extreme Weather Travel Insurance Information Center for more information about coverage for Hurricane Matthew, including provider position statements and answers to frequently asked questions.


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