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Squaremouth Identifies Six Tips for Summer Travelers to Consider When Purchasing Travel Insurance

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ST. PETE BEACH, FL—May 23, 2008—Squaremouth, the USA’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, today announced six tips for travelers to consider when considering purchasing travel insurance to protect their vacation investment this summer. Not withstanding economic conditions, travelers are set to face other hurdles including hurricane season, which is only 9 days away.

“Considering the continuation of rising gas prices, recent airline cancellation issues and turbulent weather conditions, it is even more important than ever to ensure travelers are protected during their vacation”’s CEO Chris Harvey says. “Travel insurance provides consumers with piece of mind that their investment is protected in light of very unclear and uncertain months ahead.”

Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the summer travel season and despite ever increasing economic strains on a traveler’s wallet, it is reported by a TripAdvisor survey that nine out of 10 consumers are planning a leisure trip this summer. According to the travelhorizons survey co-authored by the Travel Industry Association (TIA) and Ypartnership, nearly 60 percent of Americans currently planning a trip this summer using a car, truck or SUV are not going to change their plans regardless of gas price increases.

Consumers with travel plans to hurricane prone destinations and international locales might especially want to consider purchasing a travel insurance policy, according to Harvey.

“Both hurricane probable areas and international destinations provide unique travel complications that travel insurance can address and remedy if needed,” Harvey states. “Particularly overseas, a traveler needs to investigate if their health insurance covers international medical care. In case of a hurricane, there are very specific rules to what is covered and when travel insurance must have been purchased to provide protection.”

On the international front, a AAA survey conducted by Global Insight reveals that 25.1 million Americans are expected to be traveling internationally this summer, an increase of 2.6 percent from 2007.

Each travel insurance policy provides different coverage for different needs, Harvey cautions. To assist travelers in identifying which product matches their needs, Squaremouth has outlined the following six tips when purchasing travel insurance:

1. List the main reasons travel insurance is needed
Consumers could save a lot of money buying policies that only provide the coverage they need. If they do not require trip cancellation, enter zero for the trip cost. This will dramatically reduce the insurance premium.

2. Make sure the benefits meet minimum requirements
Each person’s requirements will vary depending on their destination, age or health. If a person is young, healthy and going to the Caribbean, their medical requirements will be low. The opposite will apply if they are older or traveling to far flung countries. Nearly 100 percent of products provide similar cancellation coverage, so if a traveler does not require any other coverage, choose the cheapest product.

3. Purchase the policy within the time limits to get maximum cover
If pre-existing medical coverage is required, consumers will need to purchase the policy within the time limits set by insurers. Most insurers provide this coverage if the policy is purchased within 14 to 21 days from the date of their first trip payment. A few insurers provide coverage if the policy is purchased before the final trip payment. Squaremouth shows an icon next to each policy to easily identify when pre-existing medical coverage is available. Squaremouth’s travel insurance comparison site shows travelers the exact date they need to purchase their policy by in order to qualify for this benefit.

4. List reasons a trip could be canceled and make sure the policy covers them
Travelers may have a reason to purchase protection. It could be the illness or death of a relative or worries about hurricanes or terrorism. Make sure that coverage is provided for these circumstances. If reasons of concern are not listed, consider purchasing a policy with “any reason” cancellation. has a benefit column that can be changed to show the benefit most important to its clients for all policies at once. Travelers can also sort by benefit to find the best policy for their needs.

5. Do not over insure
Many people mistakenly believe paying more for a product ensures a better policy or faster claim payment. The reality is that each company and product is aimed at a different demographic. If a product seems cheap you could be hitting the sweet spot. maintains a zero complaint policy, therefore all companies on the site adhere to very strict standards for Squaremouth’s clients.

6. Check the fine print
Most people do not check the fine print as it is way too time consuming and difficult to read. However it is very important to make sure there is nothing to restrict a possible claim. has easy drill downs for every benefit on every policy so consumers do not have to wade through the certificate. The certificate is one click away at any time should it be needed.

To easily and quickly learn which policies best fit their needs, visit

Detailed information on the hurricane benefits for all policies can be found at: https://www.squaremouth.comtravel-insurance/information/travel-insurance-hurricane-&-weather-benefit.html

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Founded in 2001, Squaremouth helps travelers easily and instantly compare and buy travel insurance from every major carrier. To ensure customer satisfaction, all carriers are rated based on an internal system and also ratings from insurance industry watchdog AM Best. Companies have to maintain a zero complaint level to meet Squaremouth’s strict requirements to stay on the system. Along with its unique research capabilities and zero complaint guarantee, the site provides instant quotes, immediate purchase and instant confirmation. Squaremouth is headquartered in St Pete Beach, FL and has offices in Fort Wayne, IN. Squaremouth has websites dedicated to both US travel insurance and UK travel insurance as well as international medical insurance for any nationality traveling outside their home country. Squaremouth is also available through thousands of travel sites around the world. Visit for more information.

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